July 29, 2012

chocolate shop healing & set-up for another one

I like chocolate shops, and as I was out with a family with some smaller kids, we decided to go inside one and get samples.  We got samples, and while in there I get a word of knowledge for a shoulder/neck problem.  Since there were two employees and three other customers, I just decide to make the "public announcement" about the condition and one of the customers says that she had that problem earlier in the day but it went away.  I thought that a bit strange.  Why would the Lord give me a word of knowledge for someone who no longer has the problem/pain/condition?  Maybe because He wanted to heal someone else!  I had explained that if the woman still had had that problem that God would have healed it.  Then another one of that group acknowledges the power of prayer and says her feet are killing her (she had a condition I had never heard of).  I asked if I could pray for her and she agreed.  I knelt down and laid my hands on her feet.  I prayed once - one was healed.  I prayed a second time and the other was healed in Jesus' Name.  So much fun.  Then she actually asked if she could pay me money!  Freely we have received, freely we give - I politely declined her offer of gratitude.  Basically that's a pretty good indicator that someone's been healed when they actually offer to pay for it!

As I am leaving, some other customers walked in and a much stronger word of knowledge for a left arm problem comes - no one had the problem, BUT the next woman we met when we left the chocolate shop did have that condition and the Lord touched her taking away a significant percentage of her pain.  she was a Christian and so thankful for the healing prayer.

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