July 28, 2012

healing DURING a Hare Krishna worship service - seriously!

in the Pacific Northwest, you will see EVERYTHING.  on a Saturday afternoon we came upon a full-blown Hare Krishna worship service - an altar, sacrifices of food before images (including two deified Yogis) and a group of about 15 or so devotees chanting expressions of worship to Krishna!  just seemed like the kind of place that Jesus would want to invade with His power and goodness.

we walked up to one of the western converts and I told her I was "a healer" and asked if she needed any healing.  she said she was good from head to toe (I doubt it, but oh well).  Anyway, an Indian woman came up offering me a banana, and as I politely declined, I told her that I was a healer and asked if she had any pain.  she had neck and shoulder pain.  I instructed her to put her own hand on the affected area - I prayed clearly in the Name of the Lord Jesus and guess what?  Yes, SHE WAS HEALED!  I just love the fact that Jesus invaded a worship service of a false god!!!

I think an Indian Hare Krishna follower is currently assessing her worship options!!!  pray for her.

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