January 24, 2009

deaf ear opens

yesterday while we were ministering an Indian man, who was a former Hindu came for ministry because he was almost completely deaf in his left ear. We prayed and the Lord began to open up his ear. We got to about 75% and I had the Indian sister who was helping to translate for me pray again. After that, it was almost completely open. We prayed once more and it was finished. We tested it out and I stood far from him saying his name while his other ear was covered and his eyes were closed. He could hear me and when he opened up his eyes he was shocked to see how far away I was standing and how quietly I was speaking. Tears came to his eyes.

The Word of God says, "The DEAF SHALL HEAR". God said, I believe it, that settles it.

January 21, 2009

gulf arab muslim man has "God Encounter"

last night we followed up a man who we had prayed for with a tumor in his foot after I had had a word of knowledge for him several weeks ago. he was in desperate need of a surgery, his father was quite fearful and the Lord ministered to all of them that night. Actually, the son who had the tumor had an encounter with God that were "beyond words".

of course we had hoped that after the 1st time we prayed that the tumor would disappear and he wouldn't need the surgery - but that didn't happen. What did happen is that he said that he was miraculously scheduled to get the surgery 48 hours after seeing the surgeon, which is impossible in this country with a socialized system that requires months of waiting. he attributed that favor to our prayers for him.

however, when we saw him last night he was in serious pain in the wake of the surgery, couldn't sleep and was having nightmares. we laid hands on him and prayed - he had the exactly same encounter with God that he had had the 1st time - an encounter "beyond words" and I told him that his night's sleep would be full of peace and pain-free.

I just got off the phone with him and you guessed it - he slept peacefully for 8 hours, no nightmares and no throbbing. It is amazing what happens when the Kingdom comes - no nightmares, peaceful sleep, no throbbing. We just never know what God will do!!

another fun little thing that happened is that his father, asked me where he could get an Arabic Bible. I told him I just might be able to help him out with that:)

January 20, 2009

Egyptian man healed over the phone

yesterday I received a call from a friend who told me that he had had a severe headache for 3 straight days. Since I wasn't going to be able to meet with him soon enough, I told him I would pray over the mobile phone. I asked him to put his hand on his head and I began to pray. I asked for God to release His peace and bring His Kingdom to address the headache. At the end of the prayer, he said it was better. I said I would call him back in about an hour and see where it was at telling him I expected it to be completely gone.

When I called back, he told me the headache was completely gone. There are no headaches, no migraines in God's Kingdom and when it comes, they MUST go.