November 13, 2007

government official hears about and then experiences the Kingdom (for the 2nd time)

We had the chance to meet with a muslim government official who we knew was very open to the supernatural. Several years ago, while visiting this man, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge about a problem in his arm and he was subsequently healed.

After a really good time of sharing stories of healings and the supernatural with him, I got another word of knowledge for him. I reminded him of the previous time he was healed, which he vividly recalled. The guest who came with us to visit him then lay hands upon him and the Lord healed him a 2nd time (this time it was his shoulder). He also prayed that God would visit Him in his dreams and reveal more of His Kingdom to him.

From the highest of government officials to the lowest in society, this Kingdom penetrates every sphere and touches every person.

signs that make you wonder (and unbelievers get saved)

In recent meetings, we saw God's glory fill our meetings and the Lord worked unusual signs in our midst. God instantaneously caused weight loss in several people who testified by showing their now very loose fitting clothing. Another friend of mine had a financial miracle where God supernaturally multiplied his money in a restaurant. Other people had dental miracles where God replaced their actual fillings with gold ones or even with entire gold teeth.

Some wonder why God does these types of things - well, last time I checked He doesn't need to give us a reason for anything He chooses to do. What I saw is that when unbelievers saw these "signs", many of them suddenly wanted to give their lives to Christ. The muslims who came and witnessed these signs and wonders came back and brought their friends.

The prayer of the rightious avails much

A few days ago I was at the St. Mark's shrine with my wife and a Syrian friend. While enjoying the sites and history of the church, our Syrian friend noticed a woman weeping at the foot of the shrine. She asked the woman what was wrong, and found out that she had just lost custody of her daughter, and her husband had left her out on the street, homeless and without any money. Having compassion on the woman, we handed her some money to get by for the day, and then asked if she would like us to pray for her. She agreed, so my wife and friend began to minister, as I stood off quietly and interceded from the sidelines. As I was praying, I felt as through our prayers were in vain, as we were not actually meeting the woman's immediate needs of bringing back her daughter and giving her a place to live. I began to get discouraged when the Lord spoke to me about how none of our prayers are ever in vain. He says in His word that the prayers of a righteous man (that's me, my wife and my Syrian friend) avail much, and that whatever we ask in His name, BELIEVING, we will receive it. It is important that we trust God that He loves His children more than we do, and that He is always good and faithful to look after them, and answer our prayers. Where two or three are gathered, He will be in the midst of them. Although we may never see the fruit of our prayers, we have to trust that God heard us, and that He is always faithful to His word. Pray that the woman would see victory in her life today, and that through it; Jesus would get all the glory!