October 11, 2008

a night of prophetic revelation as the Lord touches His children

Last night Desert Princess and I had an opportunity to share in home group. We began by sharing about the way God opened a door earlier the day for a Gulf Arab muslim woman to be healed. A word of knowledge, the laying on of hands and ultimately these women want to experience more of God’s Kingdom. We emphasized that such encounters should be normal Christian living.

At the end of the time of teaching, we began to minister to different individuals, and the Lord began to release words of knowledge for healing and also a number of prophetic words for people. Both Desert Princess and I sensed a strong prophetic anointing in the room.

By the end of our ministry time, people had been physically healed, the Lord had come powerfully upon several individuals and a number of confirming prophetic words had been uttered.

Gulf Arab muslim woman healed in restaurant then asks, “where’s your (medical) clinic”?

Yesterday while in a restaurant, DJ got a word of knowledge for a shoulder problem as he walked by a muslim woman. I approached her and asked if she had a shoulder problem and she said “no, but my daughter does”. The next thing I know, I’m sitting at a table with these women (the daughter is about 30 yrs old).

The daughter had fallen and had constant pain. It affected her sleep and she couldn’t even lift her arm. I asked if I could pray and she agreed.

I laid my hands on her shoulder (I always pray with my eyes open so as to not draw any further attention) and prayed in Jesus’ Name for her to be healed.

After praying I asked, “Did you feel anything?” She said, “Yes, I felt a soothing presence in my arm”. I said, “That’s God healing you”! She lifted her arm up – something she could not do before. Most of the pain was gone!

She pointed to one spot and said, “there’s just a little bit of pain in this one spot now”. I prayed again and all the pain was gone.

She then began to tell me about another condition she had – as I sensed it was clearly demonic, I asked if we could set up another time to get together.

It was funny because then she asked, “where’s your clinic”? (thinking medical). I told her it was in my home.

I can’t wait to tell her more about the “Great Physician” who heads up our clinic!

"Maybe God has sent you to me to answer my questions" - Kingdom teamwork (follow-up)

This post is a follow up about the Indian family we met through a word of knowledge and a healing.

I got together with the woman who was healed when I prayed for her after DJ had gotten a word of knowledge in a restaurant.

We met together for about 3 hours. Immediately she began to open up to me. She said she didn’t know why she was pouring out her heart to a stranger but said, “I felt like I’ve known you all my life”.

The encounter in the restaurant really shook her up – she came from a Christian background, but was totally secular and extremely scientific and rational. She didn’t believe in good or evil and her concept of God was that of a higher power, but totally impersonal.

When I had prayed for her, not only was she healed, she FELT something supernatural happening. She didn’t believe such a thing was possible. She knew we had to meet again. Even her husband, a hindu, couldn’t believe that something supernatural happened to her. He also told her that you’ve got to meet with that woman.

During our time, I shared with her many aspects of my relationship with God, how God speaks, the miracles we have seen, etc. Had she not had the encounter with God in the restaurant, she wouldn’t have given me the time of day. She said that she could actually “see” light around me as we talked.

After the encounter, things had begun to happen to her and in her house. She had no explanation and it was causing her fear. She even asked if we could come and pray through their house.

At the end of our time, she said, “I’ve had questions about God all my life and there was never anyone who would listen and be able to answer them. Maybe God has sent you to me to answer my questions”.

BTW - DJ had initially asked her hindu husband if he had the headache - he said, no at the time, but his wife told me that he actually did have a headache at that very moment too.

October 05, 2008

gearing up to go after a muslim man's cancer

today I got to tell the a muslim man's wife about the 3 times we've seen cancer healed in the past year or so. when I told her I was "into healing", at first she was nice but not very interested UNTIL I began to tell her that we have seen cancer healed with medical documentation. She became interested very quickly.

I asked if her husband would be willing to let a Christian come and pray. She said, no problem. He is a muslim but very open and willing to receive from others - including healing prayer from Christians.

I know that barring a miracle this man's life is about to end. There is nothing further that can be done medically. Just the kind of situation Jesus likes to invade.

I'll keep you posted.

knee healed - we hear about it two weeks later

a couple of weeks ago, I got a clear word of knowledge for a knee condition. I asked the couple I was with if either of them had the problem, they didn't. I told them, "I guess I'll keep looking for someone with a knee problem".

when I got to the youth group where my kids were, they were praying for healing and I asked if anybody had the knee problem - one of the girls said, "my mother has a problem with that knee". Good enough for me. We laid hands on her and asked the Lord to enable her to carry a gift of healing to her mother. She left with the intention of praying for her mother's knee as soon as she got home. After that I didn't hear anything about it.

A couple of days ago, I heard about a woman's knee being healed when her daughter came home from Church to lay hands on her. Sure enough, it was the same woman. She was healed completely when her daughter prayed for her and the testimony was spreading all over the place.

Sometimes we don't get to hear what happened and sometimes we do.