May 15, 2011

a word of knowledge and prophecy bearing fruit

In February, while in a coffee shop, I casually delivered what felt like a rather “average” word of knowledge and prophetic encouragement to a Filipina employee. She reacted with wonder and happiness, as many people do.

In early May I returned to the coffee shop, and the employee told me she'd kept wondering when I would come back! We sat down and talked for a while, and she completely unburdened her heart on a number of topics, saying I was the only person she could talk to about this. (A pretty shocking statement, seeing as this was now the second time she'd ever seen me!) Since we'd met the firsttime, she'd started reading a friend's Bible (for the first time inher life). I prayed for her mother, encouraged her in the faith (sharing basic truths about Jesus and the kingdom), and promised to bring her a Bible.

Since then, she has been zealously reading her new Bible, gotten connected to the church, and encountered God in significant ways--dreams, visions, physical healing, inner healing, financial miracles, answered prayers, and so on. She feels inexplicably joyful, and since she can't keep the joy and the answered prayers to herself, all her friends are wanting to “get what she's got”!One particularly sweet answered prayer concerned her mother, who'd had a stroke months earlier and thus couldn't walk and reportedly“wouldn't know” her daughter when she came to visit. The day after we prayed for her, she began to walk, and her mental condition improved such that she was able to even recognize her daughter onthe phone!

specific back healings

in a service on Friday, we got a very specific word of knowledge for the particular part of the back. 2 women came back in response to the word. both were healed. in fact, the first one who was healed joined us in praying for the second one.