April 08, 2008

too many miracles to remember (and I'm not kidding!)

Over the past couple of days, a team of us have seen so many miracles we seriously can't remember all of them. I just wanted to sit down and blog a few highlights before even more miracle testimonies start to come in.

A Somalian muslim man was healed of chronic back pain / Sciatica.

26 people were healed at gas station after one employee was healed and began to bring his friends - this included muslims, hindus, buddhists and Christians. Foot problems, backs, stomach pain - and many other conditions.

30 others were healed right after the mini-revival at the gas station when we told some of our other team members what happened. They heard our testimony and got fired up and healings broke out in another part of the city where they were ministering.

On our way home from the gas station, some Syrian muslim men were healed when we offered them the Kingdom - including a foot and an injured finger.

Last night we broke into three other teams to minister in different parts of the city and saw many more miracles of healing and ministered prophetically to a couple of dozen people. God revealed to us the names of a couple of people.

Today we ministered prophetically to Sudanese muslim camel herders - who sat there and listened with great interest as God showed our team things about them and their futures in God.

Should such days be unusual? I don't think so - this is just normal Christianity!

Moroccan woman finally declares her faith in Jesus.

My Moroccan friend has been drawn to to Jesus for several years now - in the past couple of years, she and her husband have had many encounters and have come to us for prayer many times. We were "sure" where she was at - but we suspected:)

A couple of days ago she was hungry because she found out we had guests who do miracles, and she showed up at our house to meet them. She always knows that our “guests” are special having met many of them before.

Two of the women visitors, one American and one European both had prophetic words for her. They came and began to prophesy as I translated the words into Arabic. All of the prophetic words were almost exactly what has been prophesied over her before! (God confirming His previous words!)

She was very excited. She said, “I’m so glad I came”. While she was so excited about what Jesus was saying to her that “He was the way, the truth and the life”, I asked her what she was thinking about this? We had suspected that she was more or less a secret believer, but in some way was still holding onto Islam in some way. I wanted to know what she was – a Christian or a muslim. She understood my question and said, “you don’t know?, you can’t feel it from heart”? And I said, “I want to hear it from your mouth!”. And then she said with a huge smile, “You know”! I threw my arms around her.

It is incredible what impact prophetic words have on the lives of 'pre-Christians'. Even though we knew that our friend at some level already believed in Jesus albeit 'quietly', it was again prophetic ministry that God used to push her forward - this time for her to declare/confess that faith.

What a day we are living in!

Gulf Arab believer encounters God again (and again…)

Dark Horse and I met with a young Gulf Arab believer last week. She got excited and asked for prayer for an encounter. We asked the Holy Spirit to come and fill her – with His love, with His power. We asked her to stand, we laid hands on her and began to pray. Immediately the presence of God filled the room and it was like God’s peace just began to wash over her like a waterfall. At one point, she was taking big, deep breaths and she said, “I can smell Him” (the Lord).

God overwhelmed her and she couldn’t stand and she fell back in to the chair. We could tell that she was no longer with us (so to speak). She was somewhere else. We kept soaking her in prayer. Dark Horse was giving her prophetic words. After a while, we asked her what was going on. She couldn’t even speak – she would only whisper really softly – “I can see His eyes” (later she explained that Jesus’ eyes were right in front of her). When He was gazing into her eyes, she knew that He knew absolutely everything about her, she was completely exposed and yet felt completely safe.

Later in the encounter, we asked again what was happening and she said, “I am floating”. At the end of this encounter, she said she felt as if she had been “reborn”. She then said, “I’m so hungry for Him…it’s like I’m a Jesus junky”.

We prayed that she would have more visions and early the next morning she had two visions.

Note: since I wrote the above, she has had yet another powerful prophetic dream!

April 06, 2008

Follow-up Answers to Old Prayers!

This past week, I just got word that one of the guys we prayed for a long time ago (see previous posts 1, 2, 3, and 4.) just got his answer to prayer. The second time we had met this guy, he wasn't working and his boss owed him back wages. The situation remained the same the next few times we met-- until last week. He was working again AND he got all of his back pay, too. The God of Justice moved again!

Still Healed!

Yesterday, my family and I went back to the restaurant where we had all prayed for the manager to be healed of her debilitating arthritis (see previous post). We asked about her and one of the waitresses said that she was still doing well. Then, she came out with a big smile on her face and told us that she isn't taking any more medicine for the pain nor is she using any ointment. She was still healed and walking normal!