February 22, 2008

indonesian muslim feels God's presence

While eating last night, our server asked for prayer for a back problem. She was a muslim from Indonesia, but was willing to have me minister to her. I laid my hands on her back and released the Kingdom.

I asked her what was happening, and she said that the entire affected area of her back felt like "heat". I explained that this was God's healing touch.

After this, we got the chance to pray for another server who saw what the Lord did for her.

February 21, 2008

Algerian muslim gets a "pain-free" zone

This afternoon at lunch, a group of Algerian muslims students came into the restaurant we were eating in. One of the girls was limping with a brace on her ankle. I approached them, offered to pray for her healing (explaining that I was a Christian). She let me lay hands on her ankle and I told her all the pain was going to leave. God released His Kingdom and to her surprise, the pain left her badly sprained ankle (which was only injured an hour before). I left my Desert Princess' phone number for her to call to learn more about the God who just healed her ankle.

February 20, 2008

Miracle Trip Part 4

This will be my last testimony of our trip. The last few hours we were there, this man came for prayer and the Lord gave me some really specific words for him. The Lord told me the following:
1) His family was involved in politics. (True.)
2) Someone named Osama was significant. (He told us that he had just met someone named Osama two days before and that he had NEVER in his life had a friend by that name.)
3) He had a heart for the poor and for justice. (True.)
4) He was a quiet person and that even in his house he was thought of as a quiet person.
5) I also felt that his father was similarly quiet and that he was close to him. (True.)
6) Finally, I felt the Lord telling me that he had some apprehension about the future because others had cursed him. (True.)
I also felt led to proclaim that he would have a dream or a vision in which something would be written down in Arabic. I actually saw a scroll with Arabic on it. A little while later, he told us that he had had a vision and in this vision he saw writing in Arabic across the sky. Close enough for me.

The heart of God is to touch the hearts of others. Praise the Lord for every prophetic word and every healing!

Miracle Trip Part 3

While in another country, we got the chance to minister in several churches. At one church, we were able to pray for people for over an hour. I prayed for several different conditions (stomach, shoulder pain, back pain, etc.). I even got the chance to pray for some deliverance for some others. There was one man, though, that caught my attention. He was missing a leg and had some breathing and seeing problems. I would like to say that the leg grew out, but I didn't see it happen. However, during testimony time, he went to the front and testified that he could see better than before the meeting. This was the first time I had seen vision improve by my prayers. It was a great time. Later on, some members of this congregation came to where we were staying and we were able to continue to minister to them prophetically. It was the most I had prophesied and prayed for healing in one day in my life. It was really good practice.

Miracle Trip Part 2

On a recent trip with DJ and some others, I was able to minister to some of His people in a different Middle Eastern country. At one service, I got a word for one lady that she was an activator of others' ministries. There was a pastor there as well, and I was able to minister prophetically to him for about 10 minutes and he affirmed later on that much of what I said was on. For another lady, I got the words that she liked dogs, collectibles, and that her husband was tall with a beard. That built both my faith and hers. For another woman, I got the words that she was good with children and that she taught school. I was so excited to get so many specific words in such a short time and in another country.

Miracle Trip Part 1

On the plane to another country, DJ, Tenacious B, and I got to minister prophetically to some Muslims in the seats behind us. I got a word for a knee that was on and then some other things that also piqued their interests. DJ also had some words and Tenacious B got to share the rest of the flight.


God Heals Through Cell Phone Prayer!

Recently I was traveling with a noted healing evangelist. While on this trip, the Lord put it in my heart to have him pray for my sister who was having some problems with her amniotic levels in her pregnancy. So, I called my sister from the Middle East and handed the phone to the minister. He prayed for her over the phone and then, four days later, I received this testimony:

GOD IS GOOD!!!!!!! Our amniotic levels were NORMAL! They have almost doubled since our last ultrasound. The ULT tech said that average is about 15-17 cm. The Dr. said I was 8.8 and needed to be 10...WE ARE 14.6!!!! God has healed everything and has increased our faith so much. Even if I had drank a gallon of water it would not have increased that much. It is clearly supernatural.

Enough said.

February 19, 2008

trip report#5 - releasing people into visions (both Christians and muslims)

One of the things we saw again and again on this ministry trip was the way God was willing to release His people into visions when we laid hands upon them and asked him to do this. How many of you know that we have NO POWER to release people into visions apart from the Holy Spirit? I was amazed again and again at how faithful God was to allow His children to enter into their Acts 2 inheritance ("your young men will see visions")when we simply asked Him to do so.

In one particular service, we had as many as 25 people gathered together - all of whom wanted to enter into a vision from the Lord. Many of these, perhaps as many as 1/2 had NEVER had a visionary experience from heaven before. For some of them, as soon as we began to pray and asked the Holy Spirit to come, pictures and even low level visions began to come to the people gathering. As they would share with the others what was happening, what they were seeing, more were released into visions. By the end of that ministry time, most of the 25 who came forward had had a vision of some sort - some very high level, video-like. If only we knew what we could give away!

(Note: for those who at this point are fearful of opening doors to demonic deception, I would encourage you to go back and listen to my podcast "The Fear of Deception - crippling believers everywhere". As one of our guest ministers said again and again, "when we ask the Holy Spirit to come, it is HE who comes".)

As uncomfortable as some are with praying for believers to receive visions, what we saw happen amongst the muslims we prayed for will make such people really unsettled. Interestingly, the promise in Acts 2 speaks of God pouring out His Spirit on ALL FLESH. As many times as I have read commentators who try to explain away the plain meaning by qualifying that it means the whole church or all believers, what we are seeing when we lay hands on the lost is that ALL FLESH means ALL FLESH.

I will briefly share about two amazing encounters that muslims had when we laid hands upon them. One was in a home meeting wherein a Moroccan muslim man came as we prayed for him and laid hands upon him for healing, he had a closed vision. He is a man who has actually had many dreams and visions before this encounter and who we believe is quite close to the Kingdom of God, but has not yet entered it. This particular encounter was so powerful (more than any other he had previously had), that he left the meeting completely soaked in his own persperation. The vision he had he described to us which spoke of God's light coming upon him and his family. Since that time, his wife has testified that a major change has taken place in his life - a despair and anxiety has been broken off and she testifies to having a "whole new husband". It is amazing what one encounter with God will do!

Another man who had a vision was a Yemeni muslim man who actually came to us to receive a prophetic word. He had heard of the prophetic gifts that Christians have and came to see for himself. He actually said beforehand that if he saw this gift in operation, he would become a believer. I will let Isaac of Ninevah describe the prophetic ministry this man received in his blog post, but again I can say that this man had a vision just like the Moroccan before. As we laid hands upon him, the Spirit of God came upon him and opened up for him a vision and his whole body was tingling as the Holy Ghost was coming.

This should really challenge us all to at times stop talking (the Kingdom of God is NOT a matter of words...) and to actually lay our hands upon whatever unbeliever is in front of us and ask them if they want to have an encounter with God. This is not the type of evangelism training I ever received, but I can tell you that there is no evangelism that is more fun than this type!!! Go for it - you'll be surprised to see what God will do.

February 18, 2008

trip report#4 - deaf ears opening

In all three countries, we prayed for the deaf and in at least two of them we saw deaf ears open. In the other country, we also ministered to a deaf Iraqi muslim man and saw considerable improvement, but until I can confirm his current status, we can't yet declare that he was healed.

In the 1st country we visited, a deaf mute man in his late teens/early twenties came to our team for prayer. The Lord opened up his ears after considerable prayer. What was the most remarkable thing to see was him covering his ears during the loud worship time because he thought the music was TOO LOUD!!!!

In the final country we visited, I had previously ministered in a Church where we had left some people who were deaf unhealed. I was determined to return to the same Church (nearly a year later) and to accurately represent Jesus to some of those who had not been healed before. One of these women, who was 100% deaf in her right ear, began to hear while a group of us ministered to her. It was amazing when she finally got up in front of the entire Church to testify to what God had done.

Jesus told John the Baptist's disciples to go and tell him that "the deaf hear". Nothing has changed - may we be BIBLICAL enough to believe that!!!

trip report#3 - power and prophetic evangelism

As I mentioned in the last post, the Lord wants to demonstrate His Kingdom to the lost more than I think many Christians realize. In many ways, I can testify that I have seen more remarkable miracles in evangelistic contexts than I have in the Christian meetings.

While traveling we saw many miracles happen that God directed at the lost. Here are a few of those stories:

- Before we were beginning an evening Christian service, I left the building to use the bathroom. While walking by a construction area, I got a word of knowledge for a left arm problem for one of the workers. On my way back, I approached this muslim man, named Musa (Moses), and sure enough the word was right. I prayed for him and the Lord healed his arm. The reason I know for sure he was touched (sometimes people tell you they are healed when they aren't unfortunately) is because about 1/2 hour later he comes walking into our meeting area looking for me with another muslim friend who needs healing. He testified to my friend who was hosting the meetings, that he was healed when I prayed for him and had come to bring his friend to receive healing as well.

- While visiting a beautiful tourist location, we began to minister prophetically and in the word of knowledge with a Saudi Arabian muslim family. As the Lord spoke accurately into their lives, He captured their attention and a door was opened to follow them up. While ministering to them, a couple of men who worked there asked us if we could prophesy over them like we had done to the Saudi family. By the time we left this tourist site, we had prayed for healing, prophesied over and generally ministered to well over a dozen people. Word spread that we could heal the sick and could bring them revelation, and so when we finally reached our car, there were a group of about 10 people waiting there for us to minister to them. One woman wanted prayer for a sick uncle in a nearby village, so we laid hands on her and imparted a gift of healing for her to carry to him. Not a bad afternoon!!

- In one shop, a Yemeni muslim man began to hear God's thoughts about him. The Lord revealed to him a sin issue in his life and in a very sensitive way, I was able to share with him that I knew about it and that the Lord wanted to set him free. He was hungry to meet with a Christian friend who lives there to receive prayer for freedom. It is always amazing how God's voice opens the door.

- Another muslim man came to meet with us and declared that he would have a hard time not following Jesus if he received prophetic words from the Lord. Isaac of Ninevah got to work and delivered one accurate prophetic word after another to him. He was nearly speechless. At the end, we laid hands upon him and asked for God to take him into an encounter and to release a vision for him. He had a vision while we prayed and had a genuinue encounter with God's presence. We call this "presence evangelism"! Needless to say, this man is about as close to the Kingdom as anyone I've seen and could very well have come into it by the time I write this.

Overall the words of knowledge that the Lord gave us in public places are simply too many to list here. All I can say is that it seemed like nearly every place we went, every shop we entered, restaurant we ate at, that the Lord would speak words of knowledge and other prophetic stuff for the people around us - for employees, for customers, for workmen outside. It was just so much fun. When people would let us pray, we would see many healed. I can't say everyone we got a word for was healed, but I can say that almost all of them were.

trip report#2 - when the Lord reveals a name

Here is the 2nd in a series of ministry trip reports from 3 different Arab nations:

When I first saw a prophetic individual receive a person's name by revelation (about 6 years ago now), I was literally shocked. I was just embracing the reality of prophetic ministry and wanting to grow in it. I remember seeing this man get the name of a friend of ours in a conference (who I knew 100% he didn't know as I had invited the friend).

Over the past couple of years, I have had several experiences wherein God spoke to me a person's name - one was the name of a former Gulf Arab Muslim who had just come to Christ. Another was the name of a Syrian Muslim woman who had cursed a young Muslim man. I forgot the 3rd occasion but needless to say it has been far and few between. I should also mention that I have tried and missed it dozens of times!

On our recent ministry trip, that had us in 3 different Arab countries, this happened to me 4 different times. Previously, I had maybe had this type of thing happen about 4 times over a period of several years - this time it was 4 times over a 10 day period.

The first time I was sitting by myself at breakfast and a name came to me at the breakfast table while I was looking at my server. I asked her, "Does the name "M", mean anything to do?". She asked why and I explained that I believed that God had given me that name for a purpose. She said, "That's my name". I just about fell on the floor. I knew the Lord had something special for her. When Freedomwriter got to breakfast, she began to give "M" a prophetic word concerning her brother. He was the 'black sheep' of the family and she was quite concerned about him. At that point, the name "A" came into my mind, but I also had the impression that "they called him "T". When I asked our server who "A" was, she replied, "That's my brother's name, BUT THEY CALL HIM "T". I just began to weep as the Fear of the Lord overcame me because of the awareness of His voice and His presence. Statistically, it is nearly impossible to guess a person's name, but to come up with that person's brother's name and his nickname moves into the "God could only do this" category. I was just so humbled and so amazed at His goodness.

The next time this happened was the following day with a muslim family from Saudi Arabia. While giving a prophetic word to the mother, the name "Sara" popped into my mind. I asked her who that was. She replied, "that's my daughter right here" (sitting next to her).

Finally, while in a shop doing some further prophetic ministry with some Yemeni muslim men, I just felt prompted to say to the man, "you are kareem" (which means noble in Arabic). He replied, "my name is Kareem".

In each of these situations, the Lord opened a wide door to be able to minister to each of these people. He had gotten their attention (as well as ours) and they were all willing to receive much more than they would have been able to if the Lord had not spoken those names.

We are living in days of acceleration in the things of the Kingdom. What took several years before, is happenin in several days now. I think especially as we take these power and revelatory gifts to the streets, we will see the increase. We were in many meetings with Christians during our trip, but all of these encounters came in evangelistic settings outside of the walls of the Church (or Christian meeting).

February 17, 2008

Testimony Time!

On a recent trip, my husband and I saw incredible breakthrough in healing and evangelism. One of my favorite testimonies was of a sweet girl of 16 yrs who had been paralyzed down the right side of her body the past 6 years! She had been running to church with some friends, fell down, hit just the wrong spot on her head, and a blood clot was formed which paralyzed her. Well, when I first saw her, she could not open her hand unless she used her other hand to force it open, she stood with her waist twisted, and could not pull her arm out straight but instead stayed tightly closed up against her shoulder. After the first night of meetings, she was able to open her hand and open her arm about 45 degrees! After the second night, she was able to open her arm almost completely straight and stood straight!!! Praise God!!! I'm totally believing for a total and complete healing in Jesus Name!!!

We saw so many knees, shoulders, arms, stomachs, and several other things healed.... it was Holy Spirit Madness! One night, I even got to pray for a mom and her 2 daughters to be able to speak in tongues... and they did! Thats totally Jesus!

Ok, another really cool thing. A small group of us were going to go see this really cool site in the city and on our way in we ran into this really nice Middle Eastern family. After talking with them for quite sometime and talking about the States (the father had lived their for a few years) we then asked if we could pray over his family for healing and give some prophetic words. DJ had a word for his wife and began praying for healing over her body and prophesying over her. Well, because he was tied up and was the only one who could translate, I asked the Middle Eastern guy if he could translate for me so I could prophesy over his sister. So I gave her a prophetic word about angelic visitations, dreams, visions, and an angel feather that will appear under her pillow through her muslim brother!!! God is just so fun!

Alright, one more thing... One morning at breakfast, DJ had gotten the lady's name that was serving us prophetically so it opened the door for us to minister to her. We asked he to come by our table when she had a free moment. When she came, we started praying for her and I began prophesying about her brother and all this stuff about him not really knowing God but that he will and so on. Well, after I had finished telling her all this, DJ asks if the name Antone means anything to her and it happens to be the brother I was talking about!!!! Yay Jesus!

In a land not far away (part 2)

The following took place last week while on a trip to a near by nation. I have mentioned some of what happened in my previous posts, but it has taken me a while to sit down and log everything that God did.

  • Back Healed: - Woman came to me with pain in her back. We prayed, the Holy Spirit came and the pain left. The woman rejoiced (more than I have usually witnessed) and fell to the ground under the power of God. God has given us power and authority to heal the sick.
  • Wrist healed: - I prayed for a woman with a wrist problem and she was instantly healed. I was so excited to see her set free, and she was even more excited, jumping up and down praising God! God is fun, and good!
  • Migraine Healed: - A woman came up to me and wanted to be free from a migraine. I invited the Holy Spirit to come and commanded the migraine to go in Jesus name. The woman was healed, and extremely surprised! I love when God comes and blows peoples mind…setting it free at the same time.
  • Shoulder Healed: - A woman came to me with a major shoulder injury. The doctor had clipped one of her veins in her shoulder and it had healed wrong and was causing the woman to suffer with pain. I asked her to check it out to see if it hurt now. She looked hard trying to find pain, but there was none. God had healed her even as she came up to tell me about it! She threw her hands up over her head and fell to the ground, filled with the Holy Spirit.
  • Deaf ear opened: - Many of us got to pray for a young man who had been 90% deaf in both ears since birth. Over the course of the weekend we saw significant breakthrough in his ability to hear. The last night he was by my side constantly, holding his ears because the worship was so loud!! God was turning up the volume, and he could hear a lot better than he could before. He even left me a voice recording of him speaking the other day so I could see how his speech is improving! The man also got to go through a deliverance session and got set free from many demonic spirits that had been afflicting him. God is love!

During the course of our trip we saw many more healings like the ones shared above. My wife will share more in another post. We also got to prophesy over a number of people and speak destiny over their lives. Some of the words I gave did not resonate with people, but the majority of them did. I became discouraged by the words I got wrong, but was able to overcome that discouragement and strengthen myself in the Lord, praying for more people and seeing breakthrough. It was not easy though, and I needed people from our team to pray for me. I was reminded of the words of Bill Johnson, which say “if I feed myself on hasn’t happened I have created an atmosphere for the spirit of offense to rise and I legitimize my own unbelief”. We have to feed ourselves on the victories that we see, and the things God IS doing, being thankful and giving glory to God. When I was able to do this I was allowing myself to continue to be used by God and see people set free.

Thank you Lord for all of the victories and lives touched this past week. You are so good!

God totally heals the woman with constipation

I just got an e-mail today from the lady I prayed for with digestive problems that I mentioned in my last post. She also had suffered from a knee injury. She wanted to encourage me that she is now 100% healed! I have included an excerpt of her e-mail to me telling me about what had happened.

“I knew from the first day that God will heal me, on Wednesday when we were at the meeting I was praying and asking the Lord to give someone a word of knowledge about my case and I told God that I will not take no for an answer...and that I will not leave him until He heals me.. and he spoke to you about my condition and here I am…perfectly healed...”

She went on to tell me that she no longer suffers with constipation, and that she went ahead and ate bananas (which before was forbidden for her to eat) but it did not have any affect on her! Hallelujah!!! She even went to the toilet twice in one day, which is something that she had a hard time doing in the past. God is into healing the whole person. I was so encouraged, and it really spoke to me that God really is at work in people even after we have prayed.