August 13, 2009

Chill & Spill Pt 2

Just received some great news! We went to the beauty shop that we had previously visited and as we walked in, we could hear the ladies we met previously say to their coworkers,something like "its them". We came across the lady that was prayed for and she said that after my friend had prayed for her, the same evening she went to the doctor to do some medical tests and found out that she was completely "normal". She said there was a cancerous tumor growing in her and it wasn't there "anymore". All glory to God!! She had a big smile on her face and she mentioned that she told her friends about what had happened in her life. Asking her about her background, she said she was catholic but hasn't been going to church for a long time and had nothing to do with God. Praise God that she'll never be the same after this encounter! 

a bunch of healings

over the last few days we have just seen a bunch of different healings and people having major encounters with God. This is just "normal Christianity". We saw God heal people with chronic back pain - some of them in the 70's! We saw God touch people with neck problems and walk away pain free. Stomach pain, issues in the legs and feet. In the end, it's hard to even remember all that the Lord was doing as there were large ministry teams and literally dozens and dozens of people who received prayer. Some of the reports are pending because people have to wait and see and/or visit their doctors for a test.

One lady the Lord gave a new gold filling in her mouth - she needed a dental miracle and the Lord gave her one. Why gold? Who knows ask the One who gave it to her - we just asked for God to come and touch her.

I am also reminded of the people we prayed for and did not see breakthrough for. We continue to contend for the ministry of Jesus and will not let up, slow down or back off until our lives and ministry match what the Scripture tells us they look like (John 14:12a).

be encouraged and pray for people - you just never know what what happen!