March 27, 2009

God doesn't disappoint when we want to "spill" (part 2)

continued - I had gotten a word of knowledge for this couple standing next to me in line (to get food) and who were now sitting at a table near us. The others who were with us were a bit discouraged about the lack of what they had seen happen (they had gotten a number of accurate words of knowledge for people, but no one would let them pray for them).

I asked the others, "who wants to follow up a word I got for those over there sitting at that table"? Two of them jumped up wanting to go for it. (when people get hooked on "power spilling" they get hooked!!!). The word of knowledge had been for a spiritual problem wherein one of them had been (or was being) attacked by demonic forces. They went to check it out and sure enough it wasn't just for one of them - but for two of the 3 at the table (another had joined the couple) and also for one of the girl's sisters' who lived in Lebanon.

I went over at one point to meet the man who was there and got another word of knowledge for him - a Gulf Arab muslim guy. The other girl was a N. African muslim and the 3rd was a Lebanese Armenian Christian woman. The muslims were intrigued with the revelation and the prospect of healing - the man arranged for one of the women with us to go and pray for his muslim mother who needs healing. The N. African muslim woman wants to come to a meeting to "encounter God".

Finally, the Orthodox Christian woman probably had the most remarkable encounter. While I was sitting talking to them, I got the word "St. Teresa". I asked if that meant something to her. With a shocked look, she said that she and her sister had gone several years before to some sort of shrine for St. Teresa, but instead of going to pray and seek God like others who were there, they were there mocking the beliefs of others. They took all these pictures, but of none of the religiously significant things. When they got their film developed, it had all come back BLANK. She and her sister both felt it was a sign from God in which He was indicating His displeasure with their posture that day. Then here she is 2 years later getting the name "St. Teresa" from a complete stranger. She knew God was again trying to get her attention. After her muslim friends left, she comes over to us to ask if God could heal her sister who had been under the care of a psychiatrist for more than 10 years. I said we'd arrange to have someone go and minister to her in Lebanon. She was the one who was being tormented by the evil spirits (the original word of knowledge).

God just doesn't disappoint when we want to "spill" in His Name!!!!

God doesn't disappoint when we want to "spill" (part 1)

A few days ago a group of us headed out together wanting to "spill" His Kingdom on people. It was a bit of a slow start - however, a Gulf Arab muslim with MS let us lay hands on him and pray. He wanted to debate a bit about islam vs. Christianity at one point, but I deflected that and said, "let's see what happens with your condition in the wake of this prayer and THEN we'll talk". Jesus said that if He didn't do the Father's works, people were free not to believe His words. (Jn 10:37 - see for yourselves)

A while later I got a word of knowledge for a knee problem - asked the only 2 people in one shop who had the problem. One woman did - my son laid hands on her and God healed her knee (she wanted to know where we went to Church, so she could attend). That's the kind of response we always want to see in the wake of a healing!

In the next shop we went into, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for this muslim man's back. He let us pray. He said it felt better after prayer.

All in all, we felt things were going really slow (which was even more the case for the other two groups). As we regathered in a food court, I explained that we don't go home discouraged because God always breaks in - even at the last minute. I had gotten one final word of knowledge for a couple sitting near us and what happened next....? (see next blog post)