February 09, 2007

One of the "keys" to healing the sick

Last night I went to pray for my friend Muslim friend with the hearing loss. It was a powerful time of ministry where the Lord released several prophetic words/pictures which really directed the ministry time. We spoke at length about God’s goodness, His willingness and readiness to heal people and some of the “keys” to healing. I told him that there can be many factors involved when we pray for healing that can affect the outcome – however God’s willingness is not one of them. For this man, the Lord had shown me and confirmed through a prophetic friend in another country that the “key” for this healing is the spirit of compassion. It will be as we become overwhelmed by the very heart of the Father that the healing of this man will occur.

As we moved into a time of prayer, the Lord through a word of knowledge spoke clearly about some anxiety issues and their causes. He confirmed this to be the case, and I told him that the Lord would release His peace to overcome it and to release him. As we prayed, the Holy Spirit came upon him he began to experience the peace of heaven.

I had received several words of knowledge for the right ear throughout our time together and discovered that this was the first one he suffered hearing loss in. This would be where I focused my healing prayer. However, as I began to wait again on the Holy Spirit, I see the picture of a tree with a distinct shape. I then asked him if there had been any significant trees in his life – Places of solitude? Decision-making? He then said, that there had been 3 different trees, one in each of the three countries he had lived in during his life. I interrupted him before he could tell me more as I wanted the Lord to show us which of the three trees that He was highlighting. The Lord showed him to me as a man in his 20’s sitting under the tree and I knew it was the tree when he was living in England.

It is always interesting when you enter into prayer and the Lord begins to take you places that you hadn’t intended to go. However last night, as much as I tried to get to the ears, the Lord would take us in some other directions. I don’t pretend to know why, but just to trust that He can lead us to the things that are hindering or are barriers to the healing we are after. This Iraqi Muslim man was amazed that the Lord would show someone else that a certain tree was a place of critical importance in his life. He even told me that this past summer he had taken his wife and daughter to show them this tree and explain all the experiences he had had in that place.

We did pray for the ear and although I expected to, I wasn’t able to enter into the spirit of compassion that I was hoping for. I closed by praying that the Lord would give him a dream to reveal the significance of the tree and why He was showing it to me. As I left, he said that he had never had an evening like last night. He had experienced the Kingdom of God – especially just the intimate way the Lord revealed things and allowed him to experience His love.

I am personally encouraged because I also know what I am aiming for as I go to minister to him in the coming weeks – the spirit of compassion. It is there that the full restoration of his hearing will take place.

Holy Spirit releases "hot Kingdom compresses"

Yesterday I went to meet with several Arab Muslim women. One young woman had injured her back and was in a lot of pain. I shared some healing testimonies and about the authority we have in Jesus’ Name. She said, ‘you are lucky to have been given such authority’. I then offered to pray for her. She asked me “what should I do”? I just told her I was going to lay hands upon her and all she had to do was receive. I prayed that God would release His peace into her back. After praying, I asked her if she had felt anything and she said, “heat going up and down my back”. She had to touch my hands to make sure they weren’t ‘hot’ afterwards. I explained that it was the Holy Spirit that was resting on her back. She was astonished about what had happened. I asked her how it was and she said that her back was significantly less tight and relaxed after praying. Interestingly, the way she had been treating it was with hot compresses. The Holy Spirit decided to release “hot Kingdom compresses” during the prayer time.

"Let her pray, let her pray"

The night before we went to the mall for our "ladies destroying the works of the devil outreach", I wasn’t even praying and my lower left leg started hurting really badly – since nothing is wrong with my leg, I knew it must be a word of knowledge. I was bit nervous because my previous attempts to do prophetic evangelism hadn’t gone very well.

God is so good because right as I get out of the elevator at the mall, the first thing I see is a woman on crutches with a bandage on her lower left leg. It was so obviously God that I didn’t even hesitate but went right up to her. She was quite nervous, but I told her about how I had gotten the word of knowledge the night before. Her two friends encouraged her and said, “Let her pray, let her pray”. After a bit we asked her if she had felt anything, and she said she was feeling heat. She was obviously moved and overwhelmed by the whole encounter.

February 06, 2007

Healings snowballing in neighboring country

About a month ago, I wrote about the healings we saw break out in amongst the poorest of the poor in the country we were visiting. One of the women who was healed, had taken the phone number of one of our good friends, a Christian woman living in her city.

I received an email explaining that when they went back to see her - she had gathered about 20 of her Muslim friends who all needed miracles and they were able to pray for and prophesy over these hungry women. Many of them were touched and testified to being healed during that time.

May the snowball effect of Kingdom healings keep going - as these 20 women each bring 20 more and so on, and so on....

I think we've got ourselves a demon

The other day I followed up with the Syrian Muslim friend who had the ear problem and had a powerful encounter with God after we prayed for him.

I asked him how he was and he rather discouraged said that his problem came back and that it was now worse than before. As I was talking to him, I began to experience the sensation of being choked.

I explained that I felt the problem was actually demonic - especially after I was being choked in his presence! We have set up a time to meet to actually see him set free from his demonic torment.

Stay posted!