January 16, 2012

more healings

the number of people I have had the chance to pray for in the past few days has been far more than I normally do.  in addition to the people God is touching out on the streets, we also had a church meeting and the Lord brought healing to several people there.

this has just been so encouraging.  a summary of some I haven't blogged about:

- man's elbow healed who walked in shop
- eye problem healed
- woman's shoulder healed
- joint problem in man's finger healed
- back pain healed

in each of these cases, the people heard many stories of God's Kingdom and many things about Christ and His Kingdom.  the powerful thing is that as we have been speaking about the Gospel, the Lord is confirming His Word by healing the sick and people's pain.

muslim man's arm healed

I prayed 2 or 3 times for this muslim man's arm and saw nothing happen.  then I got one of the Christian women who works in the shop we were in to come and help me.  the put her hand on his arm and I joined her in prayer.  then all the pain left the muslim's arm.  this muslim man witnessed a number of healing miracles and also heard many things about the Gospel.

syrian woman healed after word of knowledge

while ministering to a number of people in a shop, I looked over at one of the employees and felt the Lord wanted to minister to her.  then I got a word of knowledge for a stomach condition.  she was shocked as she had one.  we prayed.  she would only know if she was healed after she ate some hot, spicy food.  I told her to test it out.  the next day (this morning) I was back in the shop and she testified that she had tested it out and she was pain-free! 

I was then able to minister further to her encouraging her to get connected with a group of like-minded believers in her Church.  

man "sees" first miracle.

I had gotten a word of knowledge for a left knee problem.  nobody had one but then a man walks in the shop.  he has the problem.  I said to him, "I'll bet you've heard about a lot of healing miracles, but you've never seen one, right?"  He agreed.  we prayed and a knee problem he'd had for 40 years was healed.  I was then able to encourage him in his Christian faith.  His "theoretical faith" became real.