January 16, 2012

more healings

the number of people I have had the chance to pray for in the past few days has been far more than I normally do.  in addition to the people God is touching out on the streets, we also had a church meeting and the Lord brought healing to several people there.

this has just been so encouraging.  a summary of some I haven't blogged about:

- man's elbow healed who walked in shop
- eye problem healed
- woman's shoulder healed
- joint problem in man's finger healed
- back pain healed

in each of these cases, the people heard many stories of God's Kingdom and many things about Christ and His Kingdom.  the powerful thing is that as we have been speaking about the Gospel, the Lord is confirming His Word by healing the sick and people's pain.


  1. I don't know if I've ever commented on your blog, but I should at least tell you that I read it, and it encourages me.

  2. Can you not approve my last comment, and let me give this one that doesn't sound like it's spam?

    The stories of your experience with words of knowledge and praying for people, and your honesty when you're wrong, are really encouraging and faith building. I don't ever comment, but it seemed like I should tell you that I read your blog regularly, and I'm built up by it.