June 27, 2009

Healing on Vacation

My two sisters and I are travelling in the tropics where there is a high risk of Dengue Fever. The other night, my sister suddenly became so sick that she had to run home from the restaurant in the middle of dinner and return to the hotel. She lay on her bed, unable to move even to take medication. She felt achy and exhausted and in a lot of pain.

After about half an hour of feeling very worried and wondering what to do, my other sister and I laid hands on her and prayed and then went out on the porch to worship. 10 minutes later, my sister who had been ill came popping out, full of energy with a beaming grin. "Guess what, girls?!? God healed me!!!!! I am 90% better!" she exclaimed. It was an incredibly rapid turn around. We thanked God and prayed for the remaining 10% and the sickness never returned. Also worth noting, this was the first time she saw God do a miracle.

June 25, 2009

going after cancer again

there is NO cancer in God's Kingdom, we pray for His Kingdom to come ON EARTH as it is in heaven. These truths drive us to wage war against any and all cancer.

Cancer is NOT something God has anything to do with. He is not allowing it for some secret purpose (that consequently, for the people who believe such a lie, is never revealed). He HATES it and opposes it wherever He finds it.

We went after cancer again this week and now we wait to see what has happened. If you read this blog, join the chorus of others who are praying for a precious friend of ours, Chris. There are no other options - it is the Kingdom destroying His cancer, or the cancer will destroy him.

may we be a bold people, full of faith who don't shy back from this affliction that seems to create more fear than almost any other. the Kingdom of God is a far superior reality than this work of the devil. Jesus spent all of His time destroying those works and so should we.

June 21, 2009

jewish rabbi and mother refuse healing prayer

while walking to my car last night, I got a word of knowledge about a headache in a certain part of the head and asked two women walking next to us if either of them had a headache. the mother says, "I have a headache" and it was in the same spot as the word of knowledge indicated. when I told them who I was and what I felt God wanted to do, the "no thanks" started. They said, we are Jewish and my daughter here is actually a rabbi. (i guess they must have been reformed:). Anyway, I said that was O.K. and that I'd like to pray anyway, but they didn't want anything to do with us.