July 03, 2013

just a lot of Kingdom stuff happening

I've gotten way behind on blogging - in a number of places contexts we've seen many people healed in the past month.  During a trip to Portland in early June we saw God move on the streets - multiple words of knowledge leading to many healings.  during a recent trip to Canada we had a number of signficant times of ministry, especially prophetic ministry.  We also got to pray for a number who needed healing.

I guess it isn't too bad of a problem to have - too much to remember.  Just even today beyond a woman healed this morning, it was a day to pray for a precious man with Stage 4 cancer and to pray for another family friend with a broken foot.  The foot was much better and we await news on any change/difference with the cancer.

Following after Jesus and living for His Kingdom never gets old.  What will tomorrow bring for you?  (or today?).

Open your eyes, realize what resides inside of you (the Kingdom) and release it in love everywhere you go - simple assignment.  Consider yourself notified!

woman's right ankle healed after word of knowledge

as I walked into the store to get my morning coffee, a strong word of knowledge for a right ankle problem comes.  I ask one of the two women working in the shop and she points to the other woman.

I asked her and she wanted to know, "who told you"?  I explained that Jesus revealed it to me.  She was Catholic and I explained a bit further.  She let me pray - I had her put her hand on her ankle and I prayed breaking off all shock and trauma and blessing her in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

She told me that it felt better and so I prayed again.  It was fine.

I encouraged her with a local Church near her house and especially that she would go and testify what the Lord had done for her.