November 24, 2007

Addendum to Sheesha and Shooba

Just in case anyone gets the wrong idea: JESUS is the Healer. JESUS is alive and loves us enough to work through us--imperfect as we are. All glory is His. The guys in the sheesha place did not have any doubts about whose Name we prayed in. Also, less than 24 hours later, my firstborn son had a fever of 102 out of nowhere and was complaining of a headache and stomach-ache. We prayed for Daddy to intercede on our behalf and fight for us and He proved Himself to be a very present help in time of trouble. My son is now sleeping quietly. If there's any confusion out there as to where sickness comes from: isn't it more than passing strange that we had been preaching the Gospel the night before?

Sheesha and Shooba

Last night the Kingdom broke out. I say that because this might be the longest post yet from Isaac of Ninevah and I wanted to start it off with a good catchy sentence like most good books do. From the beginning. . . I wrote a few posts ago that we followed a guy into a sheesha place (the hubbly-bubbly pipes so famous here in the Middle East) who was on crutches. I also noted that we didn’t see a lot of power released that night, but we got to share some of the Kingdom with a few guys. Unfortunately, we left that night without getting any numbers so we weren’t able to do any follow-up. The one guy I gave my number to, didn’t call.

Fast forward to a couple of days: Sojourner is at a wedding and M. from the sheesha place is there and walks up to him and says, “I remember you.” Sojourner asks from where and M. tells him that he remembered him from the sheesha place. M. then proceeded to tell Sojourner that he had been talking with a friend at work about what had happened Sunday night and his friend was really interested’ M. said, “My friend believes that Jesus heals and wants to meet you guys.” So, Sojourner gave M. Tenacious B’s and my phone number. The next morning, Tenacious B. got a phone call and set up a meeting for Friday night at 9 at the same sheesha place.

On Friday night, we gather together with some other people who want more of the Lord and pray. This past Friday night, though, we were blessed to have an itinerant prophet from India with us. This guy prophesied over us before we left to go meet with these guys. He prophesied that we would see some great things. Tenacious B. and I said Amen and headed out. When we got to the sheesha place, we found M. and his boss, N. already smoking it up. We sat down and started talking. I’ll let Tenacious B. recount this part because he had some really anointed stuff. Somewhere in the midst of the conversation, N. asked us about healing and if we could know his problems and his secrets. We explained that we know what God tells us and we know only as accurately as we hear and take the time to get the right interpretation. We also explained that we had to practice and that God gives many gifts in seed form and if we don’t use what we get, it doesn’t grow.

I, then, pulled out the notebook and went to my list of words that I had gotten before during the prayer time. By now another guy had joined us. My first word went flat. It was for a left arm and no one had it. My second word for a pain in the back right shoulder was on for N. and M. volunteered that he had a pain in his left shoulder. I also had a picture of someone gambling, but that wasn’t on (though another guy who joined us later said that he gambled “for fun only.”) I also had a word for a skin condition on the right forearm. M. showed me a scar in that exact place. I dismissed it thinking it was for a rash or something, though in hindsight I think I should have pursued it, i.e., how did it happen, etc. Heck, God can take scars away, too. I also had a generalized word about fear that no one really owned. However, the next word landed. About an hour and half before, I had written in my journal “dead camel important.” So, I asked the guys if any of them owned camels (by the way, it’s a stereotype that every Arab has a camel). Only one guy in the group did-- M. I asked him if one had died last week or so and if it was important. He told me that his $8000 (it may have been $80,000, but I forget) racing camel had died three weeks ago because someone put the evil eye on it. Now, to be honest, I was more surprised than M. That was a pretty specific word. I prayed that the Lord would restore his loss. I also had a word about someone with a child who was asthmatic. Again, M. confirmed that his 10 month old girl was asthmatic. We started praying for the physical words. Tenacious B. went after a knee and I went after N.’s shoulder. I prayed a couple of times and asked him to test it. He said it was better, but not a 100%. I asked him if he wanted to feel something really crazy and he said, “Yeah!” I put my hand on his heart and released the Father’s love and His peace. I asked him what he felt and he said he couldn’t describe it and then, as he pointed to the area around his chest, continued that he felt something cold like breathing in the AC. I asked if it was refreshing and he agreed. I went on to tell him that I saw a picture of a kid being yelled at by a dad. I told him that I felt like he and his dad didn’t have the best relationship and that he didn’t go to his dad for advice. In other words, that there wasn’t a friendship there. N. confirmed the picture. I also told him that he wanted to quit smoking-- which he also confirmed.

On to M. I first told M. that he like old cars and computers. He asked me, “How did you know that?” I then asked to pray for his shoulder. After praying three times, all of his pain was gone and he was shocked. A few minutes later, I saw him out of the corner of my eye still checking it out in disbelief. Anyway, while praying, I felt like he had an older brother who was facing a tough decision about a job and that M. felt like he couldn’t really help him out with the decision. M. said that it was true, but not a natural brother, just a really close friend. I declared that he would get a dream that he could share with his friend that would help him with this decision. I, then, asked if he played Halo on the internet with a headset and he looked at me incredulously as one of the other guys laughingly said, “He can see you!”

About halfway through with M. another guy came in and M. encouraged me to read my list with him. So, I went down the list again and he confirmed the gambling word “only for fun” and a word I had received about being uneasy about going home every night. He also confirmed a word for allergies (as did another one of the guys). Finally, we told us he had a pain in his left thigh. I gave a word about a wrist and at that moment he didn’t respond, but after some of the other guys had gotten touched he finally chimed in with his wrist pain on his right hand. Before this guy had come in though, I had gotten a word about a woman’s name that started with an L or a place in the city. It turned out that this was significant to this guy as well.

Prior to leaving, N. motioned to his other friend and said, “What about him?” I looked at him and just started prophesying that he was a really funny guy and the life of the party and people enjoyed being around him. He turned slightly red, grinned, and nodded. Tenacious B., of course, had already been praying for his knee as well which had significant improvement and some of his food allergies. I also told the guys that I had gotten part of a number “309.” M. looked through his phone and said that he had called France and the number was “3049.” We all agreed it wasn’t close enough and kept talking, though at this point I’m thinking I should have asked more questions about it. As we were leaving, we shook hands all around and I prayed again for the guy with the wrist pain and he said, “It feels a little better, and I felt power coming out of your hand.” Good thing he did, I didn’t really. I was just praying. These guys have now heard some apostolic preaching and seen the stuff. They are regulars at this sheesha joint and we’re looking forward to seeing them again soon.

Why smoke sheesha when you can toke the shooba?

November 23, 2007

yet another "pain-free zone" established in muslim man's back

An Egyptian friend of mine injured his back recently. It was getting worse and worse. I noticed yesterday that he had a massive bandage on his lower back and was in severe pain. Since I was "on duty" (Wigglesworth used to say "not on my shift", in reference to people not receiving their miracle of healing), I explained to my muslim friend what I was going to do - I just boldly said, "the pain is going to leave". During prayer I just began to pray for the establishment of a "pain-free Kingdom zone" in his lower back.

As I began to pray, the Presence of Lord began to come. I knew something was happening. During prayer, a word of knowledge came to me about a problem in his left ribs. I asked and he confirmed that he had in fact broken one of those ribs. I shifted my prayer focus for the moment to the rib area and God took away the sharp pain in the very spot I had spoken of.

I explained to my friend that God did that to really release our faith and expectation for the back (which was a far more serious, painful problem).

We prayed again for the back and then I had him test it out. To his surprise, almost all the pain was gone and he was able to make movements he couldn't make before prayer.

I asked him to just rest for a while and contact me later that day to tell me how his back was doing. Sure enough about an hour later I received a message that he feels like a "new man" (his words).

Nothing beats Kingdom living!

November 21, 2007

Tumor shrinks dramatically through prayer

One evening late in September, DJ and I went to a hospital in the city where we live (in the Middle East), at the request of one of my Muslims students. I have previously written about this student, as he has experienced supernatural healings in response to our prayers on 3 separate occasions. His father has cancer, a very rare type that is very difficult to deal with surgically due to the location of the tumor. The family are traditional Bedouins. When I walked into the hospital room, I sensed an atmosphere of fear and despair and hopelessness. It turns out that my student didn’t want us to pray for his dad – just to look at medical reports and comment on what treatment they should pursue. (He said, “I know God can heal, but we need something more scientific this time.”) We were able to give them some advice, but during a moment when others left the room, I spoke words of hope and faith to the dad. I held his arm as we talked, and I prayed quietly for him, speaking life and health into him. The father was feeling very weak and had a raging fever.

In early October the father was taken to the UK. Exploratory surgery confirmed what the local doctors had said – that surgery was not an option, and that chemotherapy was the most viable solution – and even so, the given estimate of success was very low. The surgeon estimated that the tumor measured 9 cm by 7 cm.

Desperate for another opinion, the family sent the father to a prominent cancer institution in the US in early November. The doctors there were in fact able to perform surgery – very delicate, but possible. They found that the tumor was now only 2 cm by 2 cm! They were able to remove most of the tumor, and plan a second surgery to remove the rest. They are predicting 100% success! His father is feeling very well. My student is amazed. He is convinced that the reduction in the size of the tumor was due to a miracle, that God did the impossible. That is what he is telling anyone who will listen – in his family, at the college, and at his work. While we rejoice with him, we also pray that salvation will come to this family who has repeatedly experienced the miraculous.

November 19, 2007

Doing the Stuff. . . or At Least Trying

Last night, we were out looking for people to pray for. Prior to going out, we get together and pray and ask the Lord to show us who to look for. So, I made a list of some people I saw and one of them included a man on crutches. Later that night, it was getting late, and I hadn't seen anyone on the list. . . until this guy comes down where we were sitting on crutches. He passd us and went inside the smoke-filled sitting area while we remained outside. Remember we had a man on crutches on our list, I asked one of my friends with me to go in and break things open. We went on inside and did the pleasantries and then cut to the chase: "God told us to pray for your leg to get healed." Well, as it turned out, the man had broken it and had metal plates inside of it. This past summer, however, I had been there when someone prayed for a lady with metal plates in her arms and afterward, she couldn't feel them anymore. I told the man this testimony, but I don't think it increased the faith level in the room very much. In fact, I was really hoping that he had the faith for it, because I was feeling a little low myself. I moved closer to him and began praying. NOTHING. NADA. ZIP. ZERO. I prayed again. NOTHING. He didn't feel heat, cold, tingling-- nothing. I shrugged and explained that it was a gift that had to be practiced and all the guys in the room were remarkably gracious and understood the concept. Many people think that if a person doesn't see 100% it must not be real. Well, there ain't nobody batting 100. Anyway, I didn't want to leave the place that night, so I started reading my list (not the best thing to do if there hasn't been any demonstration, but I was tired and ready to see the Kingdom break in on somebody). As it turns out, no one in the whole place had ANYTHING wrong with them. Go figure. I also tried to get some prophetic words and got NOTHING. My friend, however, had the awesome opportunity to present some Kingdom principles and answer some good questions in an understandable way to some hungry guys. Before leaving, I asked the man I was sitting next to if I could impart a dream to him. He said that he didn't dream, but would like to and he said that I could go ahead and pray for him. I did and gave him my number and asked him to call me after his dream. As of today, I haven't got a call. . . yet. In a few weeks, he goes back to the doctor for the pins. Pray with us that the report will be: Where are those pins?

We'll see.

and what if Christians prayed for the sick??????

Tonight as I got the opportunity to pray for a muslim man to be healed and offered to pray for several others, I was wondering what would happen if Christians REALLY believed they had been given authority to heal the sick and would take risks to pray for people in public.

I live in a muslim country, and yet thousands of Christians live and work here. What would happen if say 10,000 of these Christians (there must be over 100,000 Christians overall) - so what if 10% of the Christians who lived here prayed for 1 muslim a week. that would mean that in a given week, 10,000 muslims would receive prayer for healing per week. How many would God heal?? who knows, but let's just say that 30% were healed (that would be close to what one of the leading Christian healing ministries says are healed when their teams minister).

Let's do the math - that means that in this unreached Muslim country that 3000 miracles of healing would take place each week. 156,000 miraculous healings would occur each year.

If only 10% of the Christians would pray for just 1 person's healing per week!
If only....

getting muslim men's attention

I got a word of knowledge about a foot problem on the top of the foot (I thought it was the left foot). I broke into a group of about 5 Arab muslim men (Syrians, Palestinians and one Gulf Arab). I explained what I was looking for (a foot problem) and why (because God wanted to heal it). this led to a lengthy discussion about healing, demons, God's power working through men, etc. It was quite interesting as most of these guys were quite skeptical.

Finally one of them with a serious acid reflux problem and pain every time he eats allowed me to lay hands on him. He couldn't test it out at that moment, but I told him to call me in morning with the report. Actually, I told him to call me if he was healed and to rip up my business card and forget me if he wasn't. either this stuff is real or it isn't and we have to be willing 'put up or shut up' as the expression goes.

I also found out who had the foot problem, one of the Syrians. It came intermittedly and so I asked if he would call me the next time it came and that we would see God's Kingdom come and deliver him. He agreed.

Finally, I got a word of knowledge for the Gulf Arab - for a knee problem he had. the Lord also showed me how long the problem had been there (over 5 years). He took my card - I hope he calls. He will when the man I prayed for is healed!

ethiopians getting healed

Dark Horse, Desert Princess and I went to visit an Ethiopian church that a friend of ours pastors. We knew that God was doing something special in this congregation, and we just wanted to go and experience His presence with them. We weren't disappointed.

At the end of the service, I asked if we could pray for the sick. The pastor agreed and the 3 of us headed up front to call out a few words of knowledge and lay hands on the sick.

Dark Horse gave a powerful prophetic word that led to a dramatic healing - but I'll let her share that testimony!

We saw a number of healings as we prayed for people. the first woman we prayed for was healed of a problem in her right knee and lower leg. We had the pastor come to confirm in Amharic (their language) that all the pain was gone. It was!

A man came with severe lower back pain - we prayed for him and he was healed.

I had given a word of knowledge about someone with chest pain all across the chest - a woman came forward, Desert Princess and I prayed for her and she was completely healed.

Another man with a left knee problem came forward. It wasn't hurting at the time, and so I prayed that God would give him a sign of some sort that He was doing something. He explained that as we prayed his knee started to feel like there was 'fire' on it. I told him that when the fire sensation leaves, the knee will be healed.

We were so blessed in this little Ethiopian church where we had gone only to receive, and yet God opened a door for us to give as well!

November 18, 2007

Free Taxi Anyone?...

I have discovered in some Middle Eastern countries that when you ask to pray for someone (especially Christian locals), they feel indebted to you for showing love. My wife and I were in a taxi last night, and the moment I stepped into the car I could feel the Holy Spirit tugging at my heart. I could feel the love of God for the taxi driver, and quite frankly it was quite overwhelming. I tried pushing it aside thinking it was nothing, but the Lord kept tugging on my heart. I then felt the Lord say to me that he wanted me to bless the man double of what the taxi ride was worth (which seriously was not much). This too I tried to explain away as my own thoughts; but I could not escape it. It was the Lord, and who am I to argue with Him. I turned to my wife and told her how I was feeling. To my surprise, she felt the same way, feeling strongly that we were to bless the man. So after chatting with the cabby we found out that he had a Christian name, and was therefore a Christian. He felt very blessed as we began to pray for him, and explained how the Lord had put him on our heart. I also gave him a mini prophesy, as his English was not that great. After our prayer time he urged me that I needed his phone number and that he would come and get us, anytime, anywhere. He then urged us not to pay anything for the cab, but I insisted he take it, plus the extra that was from Jesus. God is good, and takes care of those He loves.