May 22, 2010

healings break out before we contend for a major miracle

this afternoon, 3 of us headed over to pray for a man who is paralyzed from a stroke and has brain damage. while we were talking to his wife and a couple of friends (all Egyptians), the Lord began to speak and heal. First, it was for a left shoulder problem revealed through a word of knowledge. The friend was healed after we prayed. Then the Lord gives a real clear word of knowledge to two of us about a problem in the right hand (specific part). The wife of the man who needed healing had the problem - we prayed and she was healed. Then the Lord gives another specific word of knowledge for a particular tooth that is hurting. The wife is healed AGAIN!

At this point, everyone's faith was very high, which is exactly the time to go and pray for the husband. We prayed for him for a while - he had a vision during prayer and started to do some things that he could do before - like "crossing himself". We'll see what the Lord does!

May 16, 2010

treasure hunt in Middle Eastern mall

a group of us decided to go on a bit of a "treasure hunt" to see what God would do at the mall. in a little more than an hour, the Lord gave us many words of knowledge and we a number of people healed - including a several muslims.

while walking in, two of us approached a Gulf Arab couple - he had a cane. he let us pray. I was a bit surprised when his wife then asks if we could help her. she had exhausted both medical and islamic means to deal with chronic pain she had in her neck. I explained that my wife could and they took her number.

we walked into a shop and I got a word of knowledge about neck pain in a particular area. the 2 muslim Lebanese men in the store didn't have the problem, but then a Gulf Arab muslim woman walked in who had that problem. one of the women on our team prayed for her (a couple of times) and she was healed. later the Lord gave me a woman's name in Arabic - which interestingly was a name that this woman had received as an sms message on her mobile at that very time. God definitely got her attention. before leaving, I got a word for a knee problem that one of the Lebanese guys had and we prayed for him. I left my number so that he could tell me how it was after a few days. I also wanted to leave my number so that the woman who was their friend could also contact us.

in another shop the Lord gave me a word for an Egyptian muslim man - I thought it was interesting that after his knee was healed, he took us to the shop next door where an Egyptian Christian worked. He testified what the Lord had done (and how He did it!). we got to pray for this man as well. it is always great when God has someone right in a person's life (in this case, the shop next door) to help them find Christ.

we did get a few words of knowledge that didn't seem to fit the people we approached but it was really encouraging to see the Gulf Arab muslim women who were willing to receive prayer by total strangers in the mall.