October 24, 2008

telephone ministry - muslim woman tells my wife her headache is gone

a muslim woman was complaining of a headache. it was inappropriate for me to pray for her, so I asked her if she wouldn't mind talking to my wife on the phone. I said she could help her. Desert Princess got the woman on the phone and initially she asked if she was a doctor. She said no - she was a Christian who was going to pray for God to heal her. She prayed and the woman told her the headache was gone.

ministering healing over the telephone

cancer - going after it yet again

the very word cancer strikes fear in the hearts so many

as Christians, we have been given the job of destroying it - it is a work of the devil and we've been commissioned to destroy all of devil's works

last night I had the opportunity to visit a muslim man who has cancer - he was willing to let me come and pray. I shared the testimonies of the cancer we had seen healed - including a muslim man's terminal cancer.

we now wait to see what the test results will reveal as to what the Lord did in prayer.

October 22, 2008

word of knowledge reveals muslim woman's condition

last night while having coffee with a friend, I had gotten a clear word of knowledge about carpal tunnel syndrome in the right arm. I thought it was for a man at a particular table, but he ended up leaving before I could approach him. Before leaving, I got another word for a person with a neck problem on the right side - I approached a table of about 8 Gulf Arab muslims - men and women and asked who had that condition. One of the woman said, "I do". At that point, the word for the carpal tunnel also came back and I realized that the original word had been for her too - not the other man. She was sitting right next to the other man - so the Lord had indicated the location of the person.

I explained briefly to this group how I got the word and then told this woman to call my wife. She asked, "Is your wife a healer"? I said, "Yes, she is!". Praying she calls Desert Princess today.

October 19, 2008

another night of prophetic ministry and encounters with God

Last night a group of us gathered to worship and be in God's presence. We shared testimonies of the supernatural things that God has been doing. As we began to pray for people and minister to them, the Holy Spirit began to move on people in powerful ways. A strong prophetic spirit was released and many accurate prophetic words were spoken over people.

we also got to pray again for someone who came for ministry with cancer - we continue to go after that work of the devil wherever and whenever we can. we'll give a report when we know more about what the Lord did.

a word of knowledge for the muslim man whose name the Lord revealed

Today I asked the relative of the man whose name the Lord revealed to last week if he had a knee problem. Right after I had received the name of the man, I also got a word of knowledge about a knee problem he had. I even sensed it was from a sport accident.

I discovered today that he does have a knee problem, it was due to a sports injury and guess who I am now trying to meet?

It was funny to see the reaction of the different muslims reacting/responding to the knowledge that the Lord has given me about this man - both his name, and the other details including his knee problem.

We'll keep you posted...