October 03, 2008

muslims touched through a word of knowledge

I had to make a quick trip to the market to pick up some things. We had been worshipping in the car on our way back from Church - as I walked into the store, I got a clear word of knowledge in my right shoulder. I knew it was for the men standing by the door as I had been talking to them when I entered.

i went up and asked them which one had the shoulder problem. Two said they didn't, but the 3rd one did! I laid my hands on him and prayed. He was healed.

How do I know he was healed? Because his friend asked him if he was healed, he told him yes, and then his muslim friend, Pakistani I believe, asked me to pray for him. All the while an Egyptian muslim man was watching.

You've got to love healings breaking out at the market in a muslim country just a couple of days after Ramadan has ended.

Ankle healed - Encounter - salvation

while spending an evening with a precious Arab Christian family, we had the chance to minister healing, deliverance and salvation to some Sri Lankan women whose background was both buddhist and Christian.

Round 1 - one of the women had seriously sprained her ankle and it was wrapped. We prayed and to her shock and amazement she began to walk normally and without any pain. Sprained ankles don't do that - unless the Kingdom comes.

Round 2 - her friend had just witnessed a miracle and so we wanted to pray for her. She wasn't a follower of Jesus (maybe from a nominal Christian background). She was a bit nervous, but we wanted to pray for her anyway. We've simply got to get our hands on non-believers and ask the Holy Spirit to come. We leave the rest up to Him.

so what happened? The Holy Spirit came in power and she collapsed on the floor under His mighty hand. I love "Holy Ghost Apologetics" - instead of us bringing the argument - He shows up and brings His.

Round 3 - the woman who was healed of the ankle problem came for more prayer. She said she was 1/2 and 1/2 - 1/2 Christian and 1/2 buddhist - guess which 1/2 we needed to see go? We began to pray and she began to tremble. She wouldn't have been able to stay on her feet had I not been holding her up. The Lord led us to pray deliverance over her - also by prophetic revelation the Lord revealed some emotional pain she had suffered. She had a major encounter with God and then she was led in prayer to come completely to Jesus.

That's not a bad afternoon!

October 02, 2008

Going Out

Tuesday night we hit the streets again to release the Kingdom of God. However, this time it was different than many of the nights before. This time, a group of high schoolers joined us as we walked through crowds of people looking for treasure. We had one word for a right wrist and we found one guy whose friend had cancer in his wrist and another one who had right wrist pain. We got the number of the first and prayed for the latter, who, was pain free when we left. It's incredible to see a younger generation stepping into their destiny. These guys were just hanging out at the mall when we called them and told them what we were going to do. They didn't freak out, didn't want to debate all the nuances of theology-- they just said, sure, we'll meet you there. One, 14 years old, showed remarkable courage and stepped up to the plate and prayed for healing. They really had the mindset of being a blessing to the people around them. I'm encouraged to see that the Stuff is breaking out across the generations.