December 11, 2010

"why don't they ever call out my condition?", a wife asks her husband

we've been doing some healing prayer in a weekly Church service and are often asked to publicly call out the words of knowledge. Yesterday, I got a word for one of the men on the worship team and asked if he had a problem in his left foot/ankle. He did. He came for prayer and explained that just the week before, his wife who has some physical problems asked him, "why don't they ever call out my condition"? Now he had been called out and was quite shocked!

His ankle problem had been really bothering him the night before and he was quite angry about and somewhat frustrated with the Lord. I was able to not only pray for his ankle but also for the heart issues too.

healings in a department store

I wanted to do some Christmas shopping and went to a department store. while walking around the store, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for one of the women who worked there. We prayed for her and she was healed.

Then I got another word for another employee who was assisting me - for his right knee. God touched his knee. He could feel the Lord's presence and did some deep knee bends to test it out. While praying for his knee, I got another word about a choking condition in the neck. I asked if it was for his wife - it was! His wife was in another country so I instructed him how to pray for her over the phone - just say, "Lord, let your Kingdom come" as she has her hand on her throat. He took my number and will call me with the news of what happens. He was going to call her probably the following day.

Finally, as we were walking out, the Lord highlighted a 3rd employee. When we began to talk with her about pain, she said she had it but it was because she been dancing (presumably at clubs). She was obviously convicted as we spoke about the Lord however, I told her that the Lord wanted to heal her regardless of what she was feeling bad about. We prayed for her quickly and she too felt God's presence. It is "His Kindness that leads us to repentance"!

Egyptian muslim man receives a "drive by" healing

I love "drive bys" - the kind of healings where we don't even leave our car and God's Kingdom comes that quickly! The other day we were leaving a parking lot and I asked the Egyptian man attendant if he had a headache (I don't think it was a word of knowledge, just a general question). He had a pretty bad one so I instructed him to put his hand on his head (I couldn't have reached him anyway) and then prayed a quick prayer in Arabic releasing the Kingdom. When he took his hand away, his strong headache was gone! I then asked him if he had any Christians friends, which he did, and so I told him his "homework assignment" was to go to one of them and tell them what the Lord had done.