September 08, 2012

having a frustrating day? a miracle will change that!

I was having a bad day a few days ago.  Car problems - a dead battery and then a related electrical problem because of the dead battery.  I was frustrated, and getting in a worse mood after every passing minute.  So I finally get to the restaurant where my family was with some friends.  I wasn't a happy camper.  At that point, I am just like, "O.K., I need to see a healing right now!"  I call the manager over and sure enough he has back pain.  We prayed two times and after the 2nd time he had "that look" on his face, which said, "What did you just do to me?" - it was all that it took to get me out of my funk.

Here's the motto - "A miracle a day, keeps frustration away".  Who knew?

September 05, 2012

Provoked once again - who knew??

This past week's testimony of the Christian university student who had wrongly thought that somehow God was behind/responsible for all the crap that had happened in her life, really brought home the need to continue to trumpet His goodness and to emphasize yet again that so much that the "Sovereignty Crowd" is saying about God's meticulous control over each and every matter leads to people believing lies about God.  

In the wake of posting Part 2 of the girl's testimony, I made this comment

"It is amazing the FREEDOM from bondage and lies that results when people realize that God is truly good and has NOTHING TO DO with things that well-meaning (although theologically misguided) Christians can and do ascribe to Him. I continue to aspire entertain the idea of writing the book, "Escape from Augustinianism" but then again, Greg Boyd's "Is God to Blame?" (summarizing "God at War" and "Satan and the Problem of Evil" in a user-friendly short theodicy) and his forthcoming "The Myth of the Blueprint" will surely be used of God to correct the theological errors we have been choking on since the 5th century!"

Fighting against gross misrepresentations of the nature and character of our God is a worthy battle to be engaged in.  I'm not backing down.

Christian university - one student's testimony (part 2)

Here is part of the email from the Professor who forwarded me what the student had sent:

On the day that...DJ came to speak to the class I was already wanting to build a stronger relationship with the Lord.  My life's been really hard especially for the last four years and my faith faltered greatly and for the last couple years I've kind of just been doing what I had to in order to be considered a Christian, but I haven't really been on fire for the Lord since I was about 7 or 8...When he came to speak to our Old Testament class, I was kind of listening, but he really caught my attention when he said that the bad things that happen to us were not because God was punishing us.  As soon as he said that, he had all of my attention. So many of the things that he said were the things that I had been needing to hear.  After the class I went up to...[you] and told [you] that I really needed prayer in my relationship with the Lord which was when [you] told me [you'd] be more than happy to pray with me, but that we should go check out the healing/prayer circle.

Now all I've ever seen have been exorcisms so when the topic of "healing" came up I automatically blew it off just because that was (to me) one of those things that God never really did.  When we went outside, I decided to be open and see what was going on because I really wanted to believe that God was going to show himself that day.  The first thing that shocked me was when the young lady had her broken thumb healed, after that I knew something bigger was going on.  Then after a couple of healings, L. asked if anybody's knee was hurting and all I could think was what in the world is going on.  So I raised my hand because I figured nothing worse could happen, except I was really uneasy with the idea of people laying hands on me like they had been, so I was thanking God when he said we should put our own hands on our knees.  At first when [DJ] was praying for the trauma to be gone, I was just letting the words soak in and all of a sudden my entire leg got really warm and I kind of just blew it off and decided it was just the sun, but then when he started actually praying for the injury my knee got all tingly which was really odd to me.  When he was finished and asked how I'd know if it was healed and I did the squat, I was just praying I wouldn't collapse.  When I was able to do it without pain and without it wiggling or shifting, I thought I was going to faint.  It was unbelievable! I still shake when I think about the fact that God healed me! Out of all the people in the world to heal and He showed himself to me, in my head all I could think was how I had ignored Him and how badly I had lost faith and yet He decided that that was the only way to get through to me.  I was so shaken up and just excited and I knew that I really wanted to have the relationship with God like I used to... 
[Since last week] my relationship with Christ has already gotten better, and I've opened up and asked people for prayer (which was something I've always struggled with because I don't like asking people for help).  Thank you for opening the door to helping me on my way to getting right with the Lord!

Christian university - one student's testimony (part 1)

One of the student's whose knees were healed this past week was touched in a far deeper way.

Wednesday was completely life-changing for her. She said it was the first time she understood that all the bad things that have happened in her life were not from God. Because of that realization that bad stuff didn't come from God, she was willing to open her heart and stick around for the healing to see what would happen, even though she didn't really believe it could be true. When another student had the word for knee pain, she was hesitant to admit she had the knee problem because she didn't feel comfortable having people touch her. But right then you said, "No, let's do it without touching. Put your hand on your own knee." You were doing it to practice healing without touching, but to her, it was a word from the Lord that this was safe. Now, she wants to tell everyone about what Jesus has done for her. She says she has a joy and desire to share about the Lord that she hasn't had since she was 7 years old. She is excited to visit a Church I mentioned that is going after Kingdom ministry near her University, and she and a group of students are planning to go out with a group of my friends who are seeing miracles happen weekly as they head out to the streets.

September 04, 2012

restaurant manager's back healed after frustrating day

I was having a bit of a bad day - lots of things going wrong and my peace was being stolen at ever turn.  After arriving at the restaurant where I was to meet my family and some friends, I just decided enough was enough.  I wanted to know who on the staff needed to see a miracle - in other words, the enemy was about to pay.

the manager came and had back pain.  he was more than willing to let us pray.  we prayed one one and some of the pain in his back left - maybe 50%.  we prayed again and got to see the look we all have grown to love so much - the look that asks with amazement, "Did what I think just happen REALLY happen"?  He was all good and immediately brought another sick employee for us to pray for.

And when the sick are healed, "the Lamb receives part of the reward of His suffering"

When people don't get healed

So as to not be accused of not reporting when we don't see a healing, today I prayed 2 times for a Palestinian man who claimed he had "no faith". I explained that it didn't matter because I had faith. In the end, we saw no noticeable breakthrough with his elbow problem. Having seen so much healing this week, I was a bit surprised he wasn't healed. I was able to speak with I'm about the Kingdom and specifically that "the Truth" was a person. He disputed this and I instructed him to look up John 14:6 which he said he would do as he had a Bible.

So he wasn't healed but nothing negative resulted. People are often worried about what will happen when an unbeliever isn't healed. He was grateful and I was able to point him to Jesus. So "just do it"! If healing happens, it isn't your fault anyway. Just pray, release the Kingdom within you and then it's all up to God anyway.

September 02, 2012

Christian University healings - summary 2 days later

Here is a summary of the healings - 2 days after so as to know if pain remained gone:

I wanted to confirm a few healings (I had students share testimonies today in class). 

Student's elbow - You prayed for his elbow and all the pain left. He hasn't had any problems since then and he's done some exercises that would have hurt before. 

Student's left shoulder - (the kid you made do push-ups in class)  You had a word of knowledge for left shoulder pain, and after you prayed all the pain left and has not returned. 

Student's right shoulder - One of the students had a word of knowledge for his shoulder. Another student prayed and all the pain left. He has not had any pain or rotation problems since (he teaches tennis lessons). He said it is still a little tender, so today we prayed for that to go too. 

Student's left knee - one student had a pain in his left knee, which was a word of knowledge for another student. She had not been able to bend her knees without pain or without her knee popping out since 8th grade. Since the student prayed for her and released the word of knowledge, all the pain was gone and has not returned. 

This was truly BODY MINISTRY - I basically laid hands on NO ONE!  I had the students praying for one another.  I would simply join them in prayer.

broken thumb healed - cast removed / doctor confirmed


Here is one of the testimonies that was sent to me:

You prayed for her broken thumb, she took off the bandage and she could move it. She only felt a little pain when she twisted it. She went to the doctor and had an x-ray yesterday, and the doctor said she is fine and there is no break in the bone! Come on!!!

healings breaking out at Christian University

I didn't even think it would work out but a last minute invitation to visit a Christian university Old Testament class before we traveled ended up happening.  I am so glad I went as the Lord began to speak and heal students.  Even more exciting was to see the way God equipped and released the students themselves to move in words of knowledge (1 Cor. 12:8) and see healing flowing through their own hands.  I am now gone - I've traveled 9000 miles back to the Middle East, but a group of students "caught something" this past week and a few of them will run with it.  Everybody gets to play!

The following post(s) are some of the testimonies (modified/edited for anonymity) and I'll update as more are sent to me.