September 04, 2012

When people don't get healed

So as to not be accused of not reporting when we don't see a healing, today I prayed 2 times for a Palestinian man who claimed he had "no faith". I explained that it didn't matter because I had faith. In the end, we saw no noticeable breakthrough with his elbow problem. Having seen so much healing this week, I was a bit surprised he wasn't healed. I was able to speak with I'm about the Kingdom and specifically that "the Truth" was a person. He disputed this and I instructed him to look up John 14:6 which he said he would do as he had a Bible.

So he wasn't healed but nothing negative resulted. People are often worried about what will happen when an unbeliever isn't healed. He was grateful and I was able to point him to Jesus. So "just do it"! If healing happens, it isn't your fault anyway. Just pray, release the Kingdom within you and then it's all up to God anyway.

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  1. " If healing happens, it isn't your fault anyway."

    LOL! This is liberating.

    Plus, I like your sense of humor.