September 05, 2012

Provoked once again - who knew??

This past week's testimony of the Christian university student who had wrongly thought that somehow God was behind/responsible for all the crap that had happened in her life, really brought home the need to continue to trumpet His goodness and to emphasize yet again that so much that the "Sovereignty Crowd" is saying about God's meticulous control over each and every matter leads to people believing lies about God.  

In the wake of posting Part 2 of the girl's testimony, I made this comment

"It is amazing the FREEDOM from bondage and lies that results when people realize that God is truly good and has NOTHING TO DO with things that well-meaning (although theologically misguided) Christians can and do ascribe to Him. I continue to aspire entertain the idea of writing the book, "Escape from Augustinianism" but then again, Greg Boyd's "Is God to Blame?" (summarizing "God at War" and "Satan and the Problem of Evil" in a user-friendly short theodicy) and his forthcoming "The Myth of the Blueprint" will surely be used of God to correct the theological errors we have been choking on since the 5th century!"

Fighting against gross misrepresentations of the nature and character of our God is a worthy battle to be engaged in.  I'm not backing down.

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  1. Amen!!

    So you know this isn't a spammer swinging by, I'm amenning (is that a word?) your statement that it's worth fighting against gross misrepresentations of God.

    Your blog encourages me and keeps my faith up.