February 17, 2010

Gulf Arab man's deaf ear opens

last night one of the last things that happened was the word of knowledge for the Gulf Arab muslim man who was deaf in the right ear. I prayed for him and it felt "cold" when he left us. I went to see them today and they confirmed that his ear OPENED up and he was healed.

the news of his testimony seems to be spreading, because now all these people want to meet with us for prayer. a television personality wants to meet, another man wants to meet, the formerly deaf man brought another woman who wants prayer - all these people are muslims!!!

amazing the kind of doors that open when the Kingdom comes in Power.

Kingdom encounters on the streets of a Middle Eastern city

last night two groups of us headed out into different parts of the Middle Eastern city we live in - our goal was to pray for the sick, release the Kingdom see what God would do.

I haven't heard what happened yet with the other group, but the group I went out with (which included 2 Indians, a Syrian, a Lebanese and an Egyptian) saw the Lord break out in many ways. We started with the Lord giving us words of knowledge for people we would see - a number were not right, but it seemed eventually things started to flow. In one shop, while ministering to this one Egyptian muslim's arm, I got a word of knowledge for a problem in the lower right part of another muslim's stomach - he had the problem, and let me pray. The man's whose arm we prayed for at one point said he was exactly my age and married. I looked at him and said, "you've got 2 daughters and a son right"? He did. It's fun when God just says something to get a person's attention. These men heard a lot about the Kingdom as my Lebanese and Syrian friend shared many things with them.

In another place we prayed for an Iranian muslim's stomach - for a problem he has when he walks. He checked it out after prayer - no more problems!

In the next place, my Syrian and Egyptian friend led an Egyptian muslim to Christ whose knees were healed! He experienced the power of the Kingdom and then MET THE KING HIMSELF. They spent a lot of time with this man - it was amazing. He has an Arabic New Testament already.

As we walked across the street, the Lord spoke to two of us about a couple of Filipino women - I got the word 'stomach pain', and my Indian sister got the word 'back pain'. They had BOTH problems. They were Christians and happy to let us pray. God healed them. Also, for the older one, the Lord gave me a word for 'right wrist' - she had that problem too, and we prayed for her and it went. Just a 'drive-by' healing!

Next my Egyptian friend was praying for an Egyptian muslim who had a back problem - he was healed. This friend of mine (a former muslim) shared the Gospel with this man for a long time. It was amazing.

After that a car pulled up with 3 Gulf Arabs muslim men. I asked if they needed prayer for anything after sharing a few healing testimonies with them. They asked if we would pray for a young boy whose father was friend of theirs. We agreed (and will pray today), but while this discussion was going on, I got a word of knowledge for a 'right ear' problem. I asked if any of them had that problem. Sure enough one of them did. I prayed and as we left them he was still filling God touch his ear (it felt cold to him). I explained that God wanted to heal his deafness (more than 50% deaf) as a 'sign' of what He would do for the boy. The Lord was still touching the man as they left so I will have to see tonight exactly how much of the deafness was healed.

Finally, we were ministering to a couple of Palestinian muslims, one man was was completely blind in both eyes (he said he could see 1% out of one of his eyes). We shared testimonies with them of blindness being healed, we shared the Scriptures with them about Jesus healing the blind. To hear my new Egyptian friend share the Gospel with them, was inspiring! We did not see the breakthrough at that time, but he began to feel something unusual in his eyes. He asked us to come back and pray again. Since Jesus said, "The blind SHALL see", we know where we will be going again. Healing blindness was HIS IDEA and we believe HIS WORD - our experience MUST come into alignment with God's Word (not the other way around).

All in all it was just an amazing night - the longer we stayed out, the more doors the Lord opened. Nothing is more fun than watching the Holy Spirit - heal, save and deliver unbelievers!

February 14, 2010

the Kingdom comes in a Monastery

Monasteries are of course places of prayer - devotion to God. I had no idea what to expect when a Maronite (Lebanese Catholic) monk/priest invited me to come and minister to the monks in his monastery. My friend is also an exorcist - he's got some stories!

This invitation to the monastery actually is a year old - last year, this priest came to meet me for healing prayer. He wanted to know how we prayed for the sick. This guy is so open to learning from other Christian traditions.

I really didn't know if the invitation still stood, but we made arrangements and off we were to a monastery high in the mountains of Lebanon. Almost as soon as we arrived, the Lord started to reveal words of knowledge - one for the abbot (overseer) of another monastery. At lunch, I spoke about the healings we have been seeing (both in Lebanon and the Middle East). I offered to pray for any of the monks who wanted impartation (Rom. 1:11) to move in the healing gifts and to get words of knowledge to meet with me after lunch. I guess I would see who would come (or who would be 'allowed' to come).

Before that however, I was taken into a private meeting with an overseer of another monastery - he wanted to fresh new infilling of the Holy Spirit and had a burden for healing. He wanted to meet with me privately. The Holy Spirit came upon him and he could feel God's presence.

Next we went into a large reception room and to my surprise 15 monks all followed us in and sat around the room. This is when things got exciting - almost immediately God began giving me words of knowledge - I would call them out, a monk would identify with the problem that the Lord revealed, and I would go and pray for the sick/injured monk. Probably like 5 or 6 words came. I was able to share with all of them how I would receive them and it became like a 'mini seminar' on ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit.

I was there with a good Lebanese friend who would basically explain everything in their dialect of Arabic (I speak a different dialect). We were just amazed that God would open such an incredible door.

Then came the time we had gathered them for - a time to pray for impartation - we all held hands in a big circle - 15 or 16 monks and ourselves. We invited the Holy Spirit to come. Some of the monks began to receive their first words of knowledge. One monk, the youngest in the monastery, began to tingle all over his body - and it wouldn't stop. He kept asking us, "what is happening to me"?? We told him the Holy Spirit was coming upon him and imparting a new anointing of the Holy Spirit. Another monk, a former muslim, also began to encounter the Holy Spirit in a powerful way!

The open door got even wider as another abbot (an overseer of another monastery) asked me to come and minister at his monastery too. Why not?!

We also saw the Lord heal a man's knee while at the monastery - he could barely move it and in front of all the monks, we held a "how to pray for healing" clinic and they all saw God heal this man's knee to a considerable degree (it was like 75% healed) - which when you consider where it was when we started, was one of the most dramatic healings I've ever seen!