December 22, 2007

God Loves on His People

This past Wednesday night, I got to share with a fellowship in my city. After teaching for some time, I and Ravished got the opportunity to pray for some of the members of this group. I'm not sure of the details for Ravished-- I'll let him blog his own. As for me, many people came to me wanting prayer for different areas of their lives and for impartation. The pastor was the first one up. How many times does that happen? The deeper I go into the supernatural, the more I realize that there are many things the Lord wants to do among His people and all of them are as equally valid. I have had to repent of thinking that if I don't get some really specific word for someone that I haven't really ministered to them. Person after person in this fellowship didn't have a thing wrong with them or any major problems in their lives; they just wanted more of the Lord.

I released divine creativity, boldness, courage, wisdom and got to play Santa for Jesus by releasing the prophetic and healing gifts. One lady saw some improvement with some pain in her leg. I also saw a drawing compass for her and it turned out that she was a math teacher. For another lady I saw a screwdriver and she said that she liked to take electronic things apart. I got to encourage her in her curiosity. All in all, Ravished and I were there until almost midnight praying for people. Many of them wanted directional words. In the past, I explained that the Lord often places desires on our hearts and those desires are His leading. However, I have begun wondering if it's possible to pick up the mantle of destiny and start telling people what those desires are-- what their destiny is. Christians of all people should have a vision for their lives.

Lastly, that night I was asked by a member from the above mentioned congregation to come to a prayer meeting at her house and teach. I was able to share with about 11 people in her home this morning. I talked about learning the language of the spirit and how to walk in the supernatural. It was a great time. I prayed for one guy and while praying saw a bridge. So, I asked him if he was studying architecture. He was. I got to release a lot of things for him and for his back. I also prayed for his brother, too. I didn't get as much for him. In fact, after I prayed for them, I started to think that this was going to be a slow ministry time until the next lady came for prayer. I got a flood of stuff for her: that she worked with many people on a daily basis, the way her office was set up, and that the Lord was giving her a gift of healing for arthritis. I also prayed for her leg pain and it only got a little better. So, I asked the two brothers I had just imparted a healing gift to to come pray for her leg. I asked her to turn around so they could see the face of a person when she gets healed. I had them lay hands on her and pray and then asked the lady. She, with a huge "I can't believe it" smile confirmed that ALL of the pain was gone. I told the two brothers they had just seen a miracle and asked them how it felt. They looked a little frightened. Later on, I saw the same lady checking her knee out and smiling.

I also prayed for a guy and as I was praying I saw an engine off the space shuttle. I asked him if he worked on engines and he said that he was an engineer. Close enough, eh? It's not exactly a science, but then again, neither is science.

By the end, I prayed for most everyone there and I think they were all encouraged. I was.

There's still a part of me that can't believe that this is the direction that the Lord has taken me. I used to get all worried about teaching people- much less about teaching them about the miraculous, which I didn't think existed. Now, since it has become somewhat of a lifestyle, it's much easier to tell people because I have something I didn't use to have: experience plus revelation. Praise God that He is no respector of persons and will graciously give to ANYONE who asks-- even me.

The Night of Nothing. . .?

Last night some of the guys and I went out on our usual Kingdom treasure hunt (where we go where God leads and pray for the people we find there, etc.). We stayed out much later than usual and drove all over the city and even into the country looking for people to pray for. We went to place after place and before giving up and going home, I had given four wrong words of knowledge that didn't even get a question! This is about how it went several different times:
"Do you have a pain here?"
"Everything is good? No pain anywhere?"
"Ok. Good night."
"Good night."

So, as I went to bed last night, I was thinking about how we did end up with a phone number of a guy who might call. He seemed loney, but that was about it. I thought to myself, "Nothing blogworthy from tonight." However, as I sat down to write about some things from other times this week, it struck me that NOTHING had happened and that was ODD. Once you start living a life in the miraculous, you start to EXPECT to see miracles.

This blog is FULL of miracle stories and testimonies. It's easy to read them all and get into a mindset of "another miracle story on joel2generation" blah blah. It's easy to forget when the supernatural has become natural that this kind of living wasn't natural just a few years ago for me. If we define a miracle as something rare and extraordinary, then I have to change my mind and say that last night was indeed miraculous because nothing happened.

December 19, 2007

word of knowledge for teacher leads to healing

This afternoon while waiting in a classroom, the Lord gave me a very clear word of knowledge for the teacher's lower right arm (below the elbow). I asked her what was wrong in that specific place. She in fact had a painful problem in that very area and had actually been up much of the night before in pain for that condition. I asked if I could pray explaining that God was going to heal the problem. As I began to pray, I could physically feel the healing take place in her arm. After prayer, all the pain was gone and she said she was healed.

This is normal christianity - don't let anybody tell you differently!!!

the power of impartation

"Impartation" is a widely misunderstood concept in the Kingdom - either it seems to be horribly neglected or cheaply abused. On my recent trip to a Middle Eastern country, I was asking God for impartation - I had anointed men and women pray for me and I believe I left that muslim country having received something from God - new GRACE to further His Kingdom. The funny thing about impartation is you don't really know what you got until you try to give it away. Last night, an opportuntity afforded itself in a group of hungry and desperate believers to see what the Lord had given me. I began to share the stories of what God had done on our trip, about the encounters with God and about the miraculous lives of believers we met there. One woman's life in particular in that nation is a sign and a wonder - miracles have been happening in and around her for several decades. She prayed for us, anointed us with oil, and I KNEW (because I physically felt God doing something in me) that I received something through her (Rom. 1:11) during our time praying together.

As we turned towards prayer last night, I was believing that God would release into the lives of the people gathered the very grace that was imparted to me. What happened next surprised me! As I began to pray, a very strong presence of God began to fill the room and the Holy Spirit began to fall on people as I prayed for them. Many could not stay on their feet as the Spirit rested upon them. It was just such and honor to see God work in such a unique way.

I don't have any idea what God was releasing last night by way of impartation, but I will be very interested to hear what happens in their lives as a result and what happens when they begin to 'give it away'.

December 18, 2007

God Touches Arabic Antiques Vendor

I was at the mall shopping for Christmas presents, when I noticed an Arabic antiques vendor limping around. As I was paying for my gifts, I asked him what had happened to his leg. He smiled and began to tell me how he had fallen off a motorcycle and broken his leg. I asked him if he had any pain and if I could pray for him to be healed. He said that the pain was not that intense, but that it mostly hurt when he went to sit down or do something strenuous.

Before I had a chance to ask him again if he would like to be healed right then, he pulled out a huge folder from behind his counter and proceeded to pull out his X-Rays. He held them up to the light in the middle of his shop and showed me how his bone was cracked in two and how he had this hard core metal brace strapped to the bone to keep the leg in place.

After a bit of conversation between the two of us he allowed me to lay my hands on him and pray for Gods kingdom to come and completely heal the leg in Jesus name. I then asked him how he felt. He moved his leg about and said that it felt much better. I encouraged him that God wanted to heal him and that he should continue to test it out for further breakthrough. I can’t say for sure that it was instantly healed right there, but God is faithful to His word and something always happens when we pray. Pray that God would continue the work speedily, and reveal his goodness to the shopkeeper.

December 16, 2007

"seeing" a seer gift on an airplane

While sitting next to a woman on a plane flight, I began to "see" that this woman was incredibly sensitive spiritually and had what would be termed a "seer" type of prophetic gifting. I also got a word of knowledge for a left elbow problem and decided to go with the elbow word initially.

Well, she didn't have the elbow problem (later she told me she felt it was for her entire left side, which she had a long term condition with). I'll just go with "I missed it" and move on however:).

Almost immediately she told me she was a believer and we actually attend the same type of Church. As I began to share with her more of what I "saw" about her, she confirmed that she did have a "seer" gift and also said others had "seen" that on her as well. It was encouraging to have given her an accurate prophetic confirmation of something she was already moving in.

So often the prophetic ministry isn't about giving someone some "new" or something about "the future" - it so often serves as a powerful confirmation to what people already know or regarding a decision they have already made. God is so gracious and knows that we need such confirmation - with so many voices and oftentimes the good being the enemy of the best, it is critical that we hear those prophetic words of confirmation which releases faith and enables us to move forward in a direction, or in using the gifting God has given us.