February 09, 2009

more muslims touched by God's Kingdom

A group of us went back to the same mall where we had prayed for so many a few nights previously. We had been having a lot of meetings for believers and I just wanted to get out and "spill" a bit.

I went back to the shop where we had prayed for a couple of muslim men to be healed – one Syrian muslim guy's back had been healed, and I wanted to follow up on the Indian muslim man's back who I had prayed for. It was still bothering him and so one of the guys who was with us went back and prayed again. He testified that something changed – I will follow up again to see exactly what has happened.

I also got a word of knowledge for another Syrian muslim guy who worked in that shop. The Lord showed me that he had a problem in the right ear. He had had an infection and just two days earlier he couldn't hear anything out of the ear. It still hurt – that is UNTIL Jesus did something. We walked away and he was pain free.

While standing there, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge about an Indian hindu woman who was a customer in this shop. I asked if she had a headache at that moment – that's not too uncommon, but the Lord showed me exactly the place where it hurt. One of the girls with us laid hands upon her – ended up praying twice. She left saying that the headache was gone.

After that the Lord opened doors for us to pray for a number of people – the female with us got to pray for several different muslim women and we got to pray for several different muslim men.

One Egyptian muslim man's right knee was healed. I walked up to a coffee shop counter and the Lord gave me a word for the muslim employee's back problem. He let me pray for his back and another condition he had.

All in all, it was just an honor to get to bring the Kingdom in such a dark place. At the end, the flow of the words of knowledge kind of got overwhelming and we were running a bit late and had to leave. What a good problem to have! Too many words of knowledge, not enough time.