November 29, 2009

presence focused

believers focus on many different things - some of 'purpose driven' (as popularized by the book of the same title), some focus on a 'structure' (this has been a huge emphasis in the modern day 'Apostolic' movement, and still others are relationally focused (churches/movements based around 'small groups').

purpose is important, structure is important (however, God blesses many different structures, much to the surprise of those who believe they have God's 'ordained' structure:) and relationships are important.

however, having all of those elements in place and NOT having His Presence would mean nothing! I believe that the priority of Scripture was that the Presence of God was there - and the other things were all secondary. Moses seemed to get this when he uttered, "UNLESS YOU GO WITH US". He wanted God's Presence and nothing else mattered.

Nothing wrong with being "seeker sensitive", but if we are not first and foremost "sensitive to His presence", what are we exposing the seekers to? I've spent much of my life around "seeker sensitive" Church models - and sadly, the desire for the "presence of the unsaved" seems to often become more important than the "Presence of the one who can save them"!

whatever we are doing - however we are gathering, whoever we are leading, no matter what 'methods' we are using - let us be sure that we are pursuing the Presence of God first and foremost.

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  1. Amen. His presence is everything. I have found great simplicity and beauty in my life by simply walking in a realization of His constant presence.

    Before I was caught in constant self-monitoring which only led to shame. I was essentially focused on myself, but when I rested in Him I found His presence. In His presence there is peace and power. The old worries about doing the wrong thing are submitted to His beauty and I trust that He will correct gently or firmly as He sees fit.