November 28, 2009

"How did you know? I didn't tell anybody"! (famous last words before a healing)

last night as we met in our home with about 20-25 others, the Lord moved in a variety of ways. Some were taken into amazing visions which they shared for the edification of everyone, words of knowledge were given and people were healed, and God even began to release tangible signs of the His Presence and Glory. Isn't that what a normal gathering of Christians to worship should always look like?

At one point, when I was calling out a word of knowledge for lower back pain, one of our new Lebanese visitors come up to me and asks, "How did you know? I didn't tell anybody"! I explained that God showed us and after a several prayed for him he was totally healed - all the pain left. He was so excited and can't wait until next week's meeting!

One of the other healings that took place was for a teenager's ear - again there was a word of knowledge for it.

At one point, there was even gold showing up on people's hands, and then on a couple of women there was 'oil' too. This really got all the young people excited - they got out their cameras.

There was a special manifested presence of the Lord last night - whenever that happens (be that in the Scriptures, or today) things of supernatural nature take place. I guess we can become accustomed to meetings where so little is happening that a meeting like last night appears 'unusual' - I propose that it is the meetings with little or no supernatural occurrences which are in fact 'strange'!

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