December 27, 2009

a tragic day for Shi'ite muslims (which leads to a tragic eternity)

today is known in the islamic world as Ashoura. it is the day that Shi'ite muslims remember the death of Hussein (their prophet's grandson). they speak of his death a martrydom, but in reality, to them it is much, much more. if they are honest, they will tell you that they believe his death was a type of atonement for their sins.

i have muslim friends who would jump up and deny this emphatically, but I remember a number of years ago to test my hypothesis (i.e. that they believe Hussein's death was a sacrificial atonement), I had a Shi'ite friend of mine read Isaiah 53 - speaking prophetically about the sacrifice that Christ would come to offer and the resulting benefits of His sacrifice. I DID NOT tell him who the passage was speaking of. He was sure it was speaking of Hussein.

With great sadness this morning, I was listening to hundreds and hundreds of Shi'ite muslims crying out with great passion - in my neighborhood. Looking towards Hussein - whose death accomplished nothing. Missing completely the death of Christ - who came hundreds of years earlier. They are hungry and they are crying out but they know not who can help them!

May the millions of Shi'ite muslims in the world discover that Ashoura points to Jesus Christ, the Son of God and true Sacrificial Lamb - who died for their sins.

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