November 17, 2009

muslim man healed - captured on film

I was out with a couple of friends visiting from the U.S. and we came across a couple of Egyptian muslim men. I asked one of them if he needed healing (I thought I had a word of knowledge for him). He didn't but his friend did. His friend walked up with a foot problem. He was willing to let me pray. What was unique is that we captured almost the entire encounter on film.

After praying once, he was honest - nothing happened. Second time - same thing, nothing! He said there might be a little improvement, but I think he was just being nice. I got my friend to pray as well. Still no noticable results. Finally, something just rose up inside me saying "this can't NOT happen". 2 muslim men who need to see the Kingdom?! After praying again, he said it was 50% better. Now we were getting somewhere. We prayed again and I specially prayed that it would jump from 50 to 75%. After praying again, he says it is 80% better! At that point, his friend asked us to turn off the video camera. We did and after one last time of prayer, it was 90% healed! At that point, I think we had worn out our welcome - after praying 5 different times!

The man who had asked us to turn off the camera began to act be a bit suspicious so we decided to leave. When he asked us if this was our "hobby" (to pray for the sick), I said, NO, we have been commanded to do it! Its our obligation as Christians.

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