November 20, 2009

when the Kingdom comes at a funeral - of all places!

now for the funeral - I will try to shorten this story. After a beautiful Church meeting, we all go to the gravesite (a Christian cemetery in the middle of NOWHERE - remember this is a currently a muslim country (I say currently because we are changing that!). Anyway, we finally get there and there is NO BODY!. The morgue had delivered the body to the wrong cemetery and when they found no one there they returned it to the morgue at the cancer hospital. So instead of it being a disaster - we start praying for the healing of the Egyptian muslim workers who work at the cemetery - God begins to heal them, words of knowledge, prophetic words. It was INCREDIBLE.

Probably the craziest people on our team head to the morgue - they REALLY wanted to get a chance to lay hands on our friend's body and saw an opportunity! sure enough, healing breaks out AT THE MORGUE too amongst the muslims who work there. because of the favor, our friend got to 'help transfer the body from the refrigerator into the wooden casket - so he gets his chance to pray (which in no way could have happened had everything gone according to plan).

All I can say is this crazy Kingdom lifestyle messes up EVERYTHING - even funerals. We know that our dear friend who is now with Jesus was enjoying her funeral more than any of us! What a place for God's Kingdom to come.

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