November 12, 2009

more healings at my Gulf Arab muslim friend's office

after leaving the mall, we I felt like we were to go visit a muslim friend of mine who's been to Church and even asked for a Bible. His family has been touched by the Holy Spirit a number of times.

I introduced my Indian friend as "a healer". My muslim friend had a foot injury that was causing pain. "Healer" went to pray and the foot was healed!

Next was the Bangladeshi muslim man who worked for the Gulf Arab muslim. "Healer" had gotten a word of knowledge for a right ankle problem. The Bangladeshi man had the problem and was healed!

That wasn't all - "Healer" got another word of knowledge for an Egyptian muslim man who was also in the office. I prayed for him in Arabic - he felt the presence of the Lord touching him. We'll have to follow up with him because it also wasn't bothering him at that the time.

What's amazing about "Healer" is that getting words of knowledge is a whole new experience for him! It was like we went out and he just immediately began flow in the word of knowledge. The days of acceleration are here!

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