December 28, 2009

Syrian muslim man healed - wants prayer for his sick brother next

Today while were out to breakfast at a mall, we had the chance to pray for several people to be healed. We got a word of knowledge about a Filipino woman's knee and got to pray for her. She brought one of her colleagues for prayer - his back hurt. We prayed several times, including my son JD - and he told us the problem was gone.

The Lord also gave me a word of knowledge for a Gulf Arab muslim man's neck - it wasn't hurting at the time, but he let me pray. While praying, what I was 'feeling' lifted and so I told him it wasn't going to be a problem any more. He is calling me tomorrow (because it bothers him at night) to let me know what the Lord has done!

Finally, as we walked into a hobby shop and a strong word of knowledge comes to my neck (I guess it was the morning for necks). I asked the Syrian muslim man who worked there if he had that particular problem. He did. I told him that the Lord had 'revealed' that when we walked into the shop and that He would heal him. We prayed and it got much better. We prayed again and the pain was gone. He told his co-worker (another muslim from India) that the pain was gone. We also got to pray for him - he had a place where he suffered from headaches each night - he too was going to call us the following day to tell us if the problem was gone.

After our new Syrian friend was healed, he asked if we could go and pray for his brother in the hospital - of course we can/will! Can't wait to give our new friend an Arabic Bible to tell Him all about the Jesus who healed his neck and is going to touch his brother!

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