December 02, 2009

activating the formerly blind man's granddaughters

last night I went to visit the man whose blind eye opened. he had had a stroke when I met him in the hospital and had limited movement. what I saw last night was a totally transformed man - walking around. I was told he had about 90% recovered from all the effects of the stroke after prayer. I prayed again for his eye because there was still some weakness in his vision beyond about 6 feet. Not only did I pray, but I had his granddaughters get involved (training and equipping!). by the time we left, the Lord had given him considerable improvement. I left the girls with an "assignment" - after showing them what the Scriptures teach (i.e. "the blind shall see") they were to ensure that their grandfather was experiencing everything God had for him.

the Lord began to speak yet again while we were there - words of knowledge about an ear condition, a knee condition, a stomach condition - Jesus touched each of these conditions in 3 different people in the house.

we also go to pray for a skin disease, a man's hand, a girl struggling in her studies, a man's calf - and there were other things that I can't remember.

The bottom line is that when the Lord begins to move, it seems that He moves numerous things!! It is just so amazing that He partners with us in these Kingdom works.

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