December 12, 2009

drive-by healing in Starbucks

today I was standing by the counter in Starbucks when a Gulf Arab muslim man walks up to order his coffee. I asked the Lord if there was anything He wanted to say about this man. A word of knowledge came for a shoulder problem. As he walked over to pick up his coffee, I followed him and asked him, "Do you have a problem with your shoulder"? He did. I explained that I was a Christian and that God had revealed it to me. I then just put my hand on his shoulder and began to pray. I asked him to check it out - no change. I swung the bat again and after a 2nd brief prayer he was healed.

I told him where to find me and that I was a follower of Jesus - sowing widely and giving him a way to find me. Now I will pray that he takes the next step to hear more about the Jesus who touched his shoulder.


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