December 09, 2009

see an injured muslim man, gotta pray!

while I was waiting for my lunch to come, a Gulf Arab muslim guy walks up with his arm in a sling. I ask him "what happened?" and he explains that his hand was slammed in a door - his finger was broken. I asked if it hurt right then - it did.

So what do I do? I am not really in an environment where I can pray. So I just put my fingers lightly on the place where he said the break was and where the pain was. I just began to pray silently. I took my hand away and asked him what he felt happening. He told me it was "tingling". I said, "Great, God is healing your hand". I told him where my office was and asked if he would stop by the next day to tell me how it was doing.

That was that - I was in almost an impossible place to pray for someone and yet God made a way. Now I can't wait to tell him about the Jesus who touched his hand!

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