September 01, 2010

words of knowledge revealing pain, God's power healing it.

as we spents a number of hours on the streets, a number of words of knowledge came that identified problems we didn't know. here's a summary of a few of those encounters.

- while standing on a corner, the Lord highlighted a man and showed me he had next and shoulder pain. I approached him, he had the problem and let me pray. God healed him. We pointed him gently to the Healer Himself.

- walking behind a couple of Iranian women, a word of knowledge indicated that one of them had back pain. we asked and one of them had the exact problem we described. they were really shocked by what was happening. I had one of the women in our group pray for her and she felt "power" come through her hands. the woman was healed instantly! her friend wanted to know what else we cold heal! a number was given and follow up will hopefully happen very soon.

- while waiting in a shop, I got two words of knowledge for a saleswoman. both were correct and she let me pray for her. pain in her neck and shoulder started to leave - she testified that it was "much better". however, it was the internal pain that God was more interested in healing. I pointed her to the Healer Himself.

in short, over a 2 day period, with teams on the streets, we saw a large number of people healed after words of knowledge revealed the pains/problems of the strangers we met. there of course were many words that didn't seem to be accurate, but often those still led to opportunities to pray for other pain. just one of God's tools to express His love.

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