April 25, 2010

serving God's treasures

we (a church minister, my wife praise and me) were invited to lunch at a hotel that had been opened recently….at the time of ordering …I sense a word of knowledge for a pain in my right knee…we asked the manager if he had pain he said no…I next see the steward a Christian set our table for us I ask him if he had pain he says yes and tells us that he fell sometime ago and his right knee area is still paining as a result…

He lets me pray…I pray twice…with no result…he offers thanks and says that the very fact that I prayed touched him deeply and asked to be excused so that he could continue to serve us…I told him that we would like to serve him first before he could serve us….he lets me pray again…I stop and asked him how he feels…he starts murmuring words saying that he can feel a very cold feeling running thru his entire body…and then tells me that he had no pain ….and then he starts to feel hot all over…and starts to sweat…he looks at me and says I never felt this way before…and asks me what is going on…..I tell him that its simply Gods love moving thru his entire body….

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