January 19, 2013

"before I couldn't do this" (surprised as ankle is restored)

Last night in our encounter God meeting the Lord highlighted a right ankle problem.  I had called it out by word of knowledge earlier in the meeting but no one responded.  Later as we were ministering prophetically to a first time visitor, the word came back to me strongly and she said, "I don't have an ankle problem but I broke it years ago and can't straighten it like the other one".  I knew the Lord was about to do something.  So I had my daughter lay hands on her ankle and we all prayed.  During the prayer the word of knowledge "lifted" from my ankle and I thanked the Lord for what He was doing.  We asked her to test it out and she began to show us what she wasn't able to do, and said, "before I couldn't do this….". At that moment, she realized that the Lord had healed her ankle and restored it to be just like the other AS IT IS IN HEAVEN.

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