February 14, 2011

just more miracles even today

this morning I found out that a woman who I had prayed for yesterday was COMPLETELY healed - her knee was all messed up and she got up this morning thinking it would be the same and it was healed. She said, "it's a miracle" (she got that right).

then we went out to dinner - we saw one of the manager's healed - I had introduced my wife as a "miracle worker" (which she is). The Filipino manager was astonished by God's healing touch. So thankful that she brought us free desserts - gotta love that. We enjoyed them.

Finally one of the other server's came - he had foot pain. After prayer, he didn't any more.

Jesus got all the credit and honor as we explained to them what had just happened to them.

Can't wait to see what God does tomorrow when we are actually going out to do miracles intentionally!!!

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