February 13, 2017

muslim man's shoulder dramatically healed

While I was leaving my work, I noticed a man with a makeshift arm sling on his right arm.  I asked him what had happened.  He told me that he hurt it playing volleyball.  I offered to pray for him and asked him to put his hand on the area that hurt.  I honestly thought it must have been a minor thing.  I prayed in the Name of Jesus, broke off the shock and trauma and then  asked him to test it out.  He couldn't lift it at all!  So much pain.  It was obviously much worse than I had initially thought.  He was wincing in pain as he kept trying to lift it.  I said, "I think you tore something pretty badly in your shoulder".  A woman who had been talking to him left and I offered to pray again.  I'm going to be honest – after NOTHING had happened at all after praying once, my faith level wasn't too great.  So, I did what I train people to do – pray again!  I prayed again and to be honest, was a bit more fervent and focused and really commanded the pain to leave.  After prayer #2, when he began to test it out, I could see a marked difference!  Had I not seen how bad it was after the 1st prayer, I wouldn't have known how much the Lord had done after the 2nd time.  He could now move it – up and down maybe 8-10 inches and without any of the pain.  So I offered to pray one more time and he was in complete agreement, encouraged by what had happened.  After praying the 3rd time, it was remarkable.  I personally was shocked (this never gets old!!).  He could move it everywhere – above his head and back and forth.  He was in total amazement and just kept expressing his disbelief and kept asking "what is happening?".  So I told him that God loved him and healed his shoulder.  I was extremely clear about Jesus in the prayers and this muslim man walked away powerfully touched by God's healing power.  I look forward to connecting with this man again soon.  I know he will have many more questions – they always do!!

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