February 13, 2017

visitor's left ankle healed after word of knowledge during worship

I am not sure yet of all the ways that the Lord ministered to a Lebanese visitor we had to our meeting this past week, but many prophetic words were given to him that he said were meaningful and accurate (one I gave didn't seem to make any sense, but oh well!).  At the end of our meeting as we were worshipping, I got a strong word of knowledge for a left ankle problem.  I didn't feel led to ask who it was and to pray for it, but rather I just declared that "whoever has the left ankle injury, it will be healed during this song of worship".  Sure enough, I found out that it was for our Lebanese visitor and it happened just that way.  Nobody prayed for his ankle and the Lord completely healed it.  He told me this after the fact.

We were all encouraged as our visitor wants to become a regular!

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