February 17, 2017

when people are STILL healed months later

This week has been encouraging because I have heard back from 4 different individuals who were healed when we prayed for them who are all still healed!  One of them confirmed her healing as when we prayed, she couldn't tell but has now confirmed that the issue the Lord revealed to me via word of knowledge has never come back.  Also her muslim friend is still healed.  I can't imagine the conversations that his healed neck has opened up.  I heard from two others – one who had come to see me to tell me and another via social media.

In the moment, people will often tell you they are better when we pray.  Whether there is some psychosomatic effect, I believe that sometimes people feel better even when they haven't actually been healed.  The fact is though when someone is genuinely healed by the Lord, when God has worked, they will still be healed – a week later, a month later, a year later.  I am so encouraged when I get to hear back because so often we never know.  Somehow this week the Lord wanted to encourage me with some feedback.  I was/am encouraged.

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