September 09, 2011

hearing stories from the summer

as a group of us scattered all over the world during the summer and are regathering back into the Middle East, I am beginning to hear stories/testimonies that are blowing my mind.  it seems that this outrageous Kingdom just can't be contained.

stories out of London where God's glory would manifest with gold on people through one of our Lebanese sisters EVERY TIME she prayed for someone.  I often don't understand why God does what He does and the gold dust phenomenon often seems to offend Christians (who seem to have God all figured out/what He will do and will not do) but if the Lord sovereignly chooses to cover people supernaturally in gold dust when a believer prays for people in Jesus' Name is free to do so as far as I am concerned.  if this offends someone you know, ask if you can pray for them and see what the Father will do!!

stories out of South Africa were equally as remarkable - healings, people coming back to Christ repenting as they listened to the testimonies of one of our S. African sisters.  At times, people were being hit by the power of the Holy Spirit and it would last for hours!  weeping, laughing and receiving prophetic revelation.  this sister also would get some of the most accurate words of knowledge (1 Cor. 12:8) for people and saw a number healed.  I would say she carries something that is producing Godly hunger in others and then ultimately repentance.

this is just a "taste" of what I heard from just a couple of pilgrims in our community.  can't wait to gather and see what else God has been doing.

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