September 09, 2011

just a few "thoughts" from Luke 10

Jesus sends out the "nameless and faceless" Seventy in Luke 10 and there is just so much relevant "glory" on this passage for us to consider today and to live by.  As I've argued in other places, the excuse that some theologians and Bible commentators have given that the commandments given to the Apostles don't apply to ordinary believers (then or today) has been handled by Luke in this passage.

I don't want to be too critical, but the reality is that Matthew 28 actually destroys the "those commandments were only for the Apostles" argument because Jesus Himself commands the 12 Apostles to teach others (which includes us today) to obey ALL of what he commanded them!  Not SOME of what He commanded, but ALL - which would include chapter 10:8 - "heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons and raise the dead".

However, the Luke 10 passage comes in as a strong counter-punch.  Surely the Holy Spirit anticipated that believers in subsequent ages and generations would fall into the kind of unbelief we see today when it comes to the miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit and knew that Bible teachers/commentators would come up with incredible theories (i.e. the miraculous gifts "ceased" with the death of the Apostles) to explain away their own lack of power and so we get this beautiful passage to wage war yet again on our unbelief.

He sends them and tells them, "whatever city you enter...heal in it those who are sick".  Somebody might want further clarification.  "Lord what city or cities are you talking about?".  His reply, "WHATEVER city".  And more importantly, the believer might inquire, "So Lord, exactly who are we supposed to pray for?  Those who you give us a word of knowledge for?".  Jesus continues, "No, not at all.  I'll give you words of knowledge to be sure, but actually I just want you to heal THOSE WHO ARE SICK".

Wow - whatever city and those who are sick!  Could Jesus have been any clearer?  Could the Church through the ages have missed somebody's intention any more than we have?  For years, I had absolutely no idea that this passage even existed.  Sure, I'd read it dozens of times.  I loved the Bible - in fact, I could have been accurately described as what Jack Deere would call a "Biblidolator" - someone who had elevated the Bible and the study of it to an idolatrous level.  We don't worship a book, we worship God who's revealed Himself through His Word.

Let us purpose in our hearts to actually go back to the teachings of Jesus - including Luke 10 and do whatever it takes to "obey" His commandment to "heal those who are sick" whenever we "enter whatever city".  Seems simple doesn't it?  Probably our one problem is UNBELIEF.  He'll help us with that too - "Lord I believe, help my unbelief" (what has become arguably my favorite and most relevant daily prayer from the entire Bible).

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  1. Well DJ, you know my feelings on possession too. I would love to be sent out in the EXACT same fashion as the Luke 10 apostles.