October 18, 2016

Turkish muslim healed after word of knowledge

While we were eating in a Turkish restaurant, I was offering to pray for any of the staff who were sick or had pain with my muslim Turkish server.  While I was explaining what I wanted to do, I got a distinct word of knowledge for someone with a pain in the left side of the neck.  I asked him to go and find that person.  A few minutes later he brings up a female Turkish co-worker who had the problem.  He started to walk away and I told him to stay and watch.  I had her put her hand on her neck, I prayed a quick prayer in English closing in the Name of Jesus.  I asked her how it was and all of sudden she switches into Turkish with our server and they are discussing what had just happened.  I knew what had happened as that “look” on her face told the story.  She was shocked.  She couldn’t believe what had just happened.  They went away talking about it and I told them I would be back (of course I am thinking to follow up).  It was clear they talked about it for quite a while.  And as we were getting up to leave, something else happened which will be shared in the next post.

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