January 21, 2011

Johnny Rockets is a place for burger and miracles

Last night I was on a date with my daughter (Desert Princess is out of the country). We found out that our server had a headache. We told her (Filipino Christian) that God wanted to heal her. I had my daughter lay hands on her and we prayed together - 2x. The headache left completely. We asked her several times and she said it was all gone.

We had had our desert - so we passed on the milk shakes.


  1. Do you always pray for someone when you find out they need it, or do you only pray when God gives you a word of knowledge?

  2. we had no word of knowledge in this restaurant. I pray for whoever asks as Jesus commanded us to "heal the sick" (in Matt 10). Words of knowledge are extremely helpful but in no way are we limited by them. also, the broken hand that the Lord healed last week was also not a word of knowledge and yet was undoubtedly the most remarkable miracle we saw all week.