September 22, 2012

varicose veins lump disappears

Dancing girl and I went spilling today at Starbuck's.  Dancing girl got a word of knowledge for a knee problem so we asked the manager if she or the other employee had any pain in their knees.  The manager said that she had a lot of pain in her knee due to varicose veins.  She was very nervous for us to pray but we told her to put her hand on her knee, we would keep our eyes open while we were praying and that it would take seconds.  The other employee was encouraging her to get prayer, that she needed healing and that it would be quick.  It was hilarious!  Dancing girl prayed quickly and then the manager didn't say anything when we finished.  She just kept her hand on her knee and was sitting there stunned.  I asked her what she was feeling and she said that all the pain was gone and so was the lump.   She continued to search for the lump that had disappeared but she couldn't find it.  The manager said, "I am healed."

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