December 29, 2011

quick drive-by healing in Dubai

as I was walking back to our hotel, I noticed a couple of muslim men walking towards me (from Pakistan), and one of them had a wrist brace on.  I stopped them and asked what happened.  I asked him if he would like to see the pain disappear.  He was intrigued by the question.  At first I said I would lightly put my hand on his wrist and ask God to heal him.  He was hesitant thinking I might somehow grab it and hurt it.  So I backtracked a bit and told him that he could put his own hand on his wrist and I wouldn't touch him.  (Don't know what I was thinking - I normally don't ask to put my hand on someone in public anymore).  He did, I prayed a quick prayer breaking off the shock and trauma from the injury and releasing God's Kingdom in Jesus' Name.

The moment of truth came.  I asked him to check it out.  He started to move his fingers.  He looks at his friend saying nothing (always a good thing).  Next he takes off the wrist brace still looking at his friend.  The realization hits - he hand is pain-free and healed.  So fun to see the reaction!

It was a quick interaction and they were ready to go.  I'll bet their conversation turned to Jesus and His healing touch.  A Kingdom "drive-by".

Hint:  you can ALWAYS stop someone to ask them what is wrong if you see them in a brace, with a crutch, a bandage, etc.  it is never not a great way to break into a conversation.

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