September 02, 2013

when the Spirit falls and the Kingdom comes...(part 3) - sit down for this!

so after we'd seen a number of healings, a young man comes forward crying. He began to speak but hardly could. He was a life-long stutterer and could hardly get the words out of his mouth. People were moved by his efforts and he was crying quite hard explaining that he normally isn't the crying type but wanted to get healed and obviously after seeing so many others being touched and healed had enough faith to come forward.

I had another student put his hand on him and I later learned that as I prayed, this "partner" who I had randomly asked to put his hand on the stuttering young man because he was standing next to him, began to speak in tongues for the first time in his life! Talk about a legitimate way to get a gift of the Holy Spirit! After the first prayer, I just felt I needed to embrace the man we were praying for as his crying had become sobbing and I prayed again breaking off all the shock and trauma from all the years of people teasing him, bullying him and making him feel stupid. My professor friend also broke off all the shame. He was having such a major encounter with God that we decided it was better for him to go and continue to encounter God by himself. He went off for about 5-7 minutes (maybe a bit longer) as we prayed for some others who were healed and then to all of our shock and amazement the young man comes back COMPLETELY HEALED, speaking normally and at that point many other began to cry. Having never seen such a condition healed (and to be honest having very little faith for it when I prayed - which was why I prayed again and longer while I embraced him. Just being completely honest here!), I was pretty much in disbelief. The Spirit of the Fear of the Lord had fallen on all of us!

During all these healings, people were sending out text messages and telling anybody with pain to come over to this particular location and as I turned away from the young man who had just been healed of his life-long stuttering problem, there standing in front of us was one of the male soccer players on crutches with huge knee brace on his right knee. It had been blown out two days earlier in a game and it was obviously a very serious injury. His name was Francisco and I reminded him of St. Francis! He let me pray and something was happening. He couldn't believe it when he started moving the knee inside the brace and was doing it without pain and with a range of movement he couldn't do when he had limped up. He had to test it out further. Then he hands his crutches (Note: I did not ask or encourage him to do this) to a friend and begins to walk without them. He takes maybe 10 steps and turns around and is now crying because he realizes, maybe for the first time in his life that God was real, really real and his pain free walking was personal evidence of this truth!

At this point, I actually had to go but since I had made it clear in both lectures that this was normal Christianity and didn't depend upon us being there, they just continued on praying for healings and EVERYONE who received prayer was healed over the course of another 30-40 minutes.

the testimonies are still coming in and we will undoubtedly be posting more of them here. People were also getting prayer for inner healing and many encountered God with tears that day. How about a Part 4 to talk about what's happened in the wake that day's miracles.

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